Are anna shaffer and dylan llewellyn dating

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Tanya has to decline, so April asks Charlie (Greg Austin) to be her date. Jono ( Dylan Llewellyn) and Ruby Button (Anna Shaffer) plan to elope to Gretna Green. for Ruby (Anna Shaffer) and Jono's (Dylan Llewellyn) wedding. the identities are being kept a secret up until the date of transmission. Jono (Dylan Llewellyn) and Ruby Button (Anna Shaffer) plan to elope to Gretna Green Tanya has to decline, so April asks Charlie (Greg Austin) to be her date.

The minibus explodes and one of the doors is propelled into the air before it crushes Maddie to death. The explosion causes the wedding venue to collapse, and Rhys is crushed under falling debris from the building. Doug is freed from the rubble and taken to hospital along with Ste. The ambulance crew arrive and tell Jacqui that Rhys is going to die; he has severed an artery and needs immediate help, but the fire crew cannot arrive fast enough to free him.

Jacqui comforts Rhys while he dies. Jacqui begins to mourn Rhys but, when she breaks the news to Phoebe that he has died, Phoebe decides not to show Jacqui the letter. Jono blames himself for the accident and for not saving Maddie and Neil, even though Jack tries to tell him that he is a hero who saved Ruby's and Sinead's lives. Cheryl takes Bart to hospital to see Sinead, and George blames Bart for causing the accident. Cheryl explains that no one could have prevented the accident; she had forgotten to get the brakes repaired, and was not expecting anyone to use the bus.

At the hospital Sinead is told she is pregnant, while Doug learns that Ste is comatose. Brendan has gone to see Ste in the hospital and Doug initially fights with Brendan, but then allows Brendan to comfort him. Bart tells Esther that she is just as much to blame for the crash as he is, and that she must not tell anyone he was driving while intoxicated.

He goes to visit Sinead but she blames him for not helping them after the crash happened, and does not tell him about her pregnancy.

Ste flatlines and has to be resuscitated. Jacqui breaks down crying upon discovering that Rhys had packed his belongings. Jono and Ruby sit outside and decide to marry properly instead of eloping. Ruby tells Jono about her childhood and they sit and look at the stars. Ruby realises that Jono has died in her arms, from undiscovered internal injuries. However, Ruby feels guilty and forced Sinead to tell the truth to everyone, as she refused, but lucky Esther video it to explored their secret, with Ruby was suspended and Sinead expelled.

Creation and development[ edit ] Kieron Richardson described the events during the storyline as "one of the biggest stunts in soap history" Susan Hill from the Daily Star announced the storyline on 21 October A show source told Hill that it was a "huge stunt" and that "a lot of money has been spent making it look as realistic as possible. A team of stuntmen and women were brought in and bosses hired some of the best special effects people in the business.

The bus crash will be a disaster no one will ever forget". He added that the event would "change life in the village forever". He explained that together they "decided that it was time for a big, show-stopping, blockbuster sequence to grab the audience's attention and hopefully bring them back to Hollyoaks.

We realised we needed to engage some of the older audience again and this was how to do it". We're going back to the show's soap roots and doing some big, bombastic storylines". He added that audiences could expect "big emotions" due to the large number of characters at risk.

The scenes become "very, very dramatic for many characters in the village".

are anna shaffer and dylan llewellyn dating

It's going to be carnage, it's going to be messy, people are going to get hurt, it's going to be sad but it is exciting too". Jono and Ruby also plan to elope to Gretna Green so steal a minibus.

Bart and Esther try to stop the minibus so Jono and Ruby will not marry. Driver Maddie is distracted and almost runs over Leah, but swerves off the road to avoid her. Maddie drives into the double wedding venue, crashing the minibus before it explodes.

Shaffer said that the minibus' faulty brakes and the dangerous behaviour of Esther and Bart are largely to blame. Shaffer explained that Esther and Bart are doing it out of the "goodness of their hearts" and are not being malicious in trying to stop the wedding but "a certain amount of blame does have to lie with them!

He added that the secret that Doug "has gone behind Ste's back to take out Brendan" is revealed at the wedding. Waring told All About Soap magazine that Cindy decides to "run away" with Rhys, which is witnessed by Tony but then "she looks up and sees the bus coming right for them! Neil, Maddie and Rhys were killed off. The identities' of the characters to die was kept secret from the public up until the moment of transmission.

Another "big twist" which was also previously unannounced saw Sinead discover she was pregnant. He said that his "big death scene at the end was another first for Hollyoaks, because they left the camera on Rhys and Jacqui for the whole scene and let it play out". Moss described the filming of his death scene as "really upsetting" which "really added to the emotions" that played out onscreen.

She explained that she felt if better that the exits were not announced as "to build the suspense and the shock". Shaffer added that they used stunt doubles and dummies for the "more serious stuff". Brennan said that there were "a couple of injuries" amongst cast members while filming the scenes. I don't think you can really tell when it comes to the special effects.

It's a perfect blend. Hollyoaks have invested a lot of money and time into this storyline, and I think it's paid off". Pickard said the explosion was "the biggest explosion I've ever seen in my life", explaining that he "watched from a safe distance" but he could still feel the heat due to the size of the explosion.

She explained that she had to face away from the explosion and that the director instructed her not to "mess up" the continuity of the scene. She was instructed to "leap away from the explosion" which she initially felt would be easy but when the explosion played out she "just flew". Bowman explained that she could not see and could only feel the "burning heat" and hear a "horrendous explosion".

The song "Last Goodbye" by The Kills was used in the trailer, which did not use clips from the storyline, but instead featured clips filmed especially for the trailer.

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It shows several characters involved in the storyline standing together in a hall dressed for a wedding. Rhys and Cindy look at each other before holding hands, while standing with their partners Jacqui and Tony. The back wall of the hall explodes, throwing the characters away from each other.

are anna shaffer and dylan llewellyn dating

Cindy and Rhys are torn apart as they reach to each other, Ste and Doug float through empty space while holding on to each other and Maddie drops into darkness.

The advertisement ends as Jacqui sits in the wreckage of the hall, crying. He added that the trailer is "more artistic than anything else". Please consider splitting content into sub-articles, condensing it, or adding or removing subheadings.

November This section may contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Please help by spinning off or relocating any relevant information, and removing excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia's inclusion policy. November Learn how and when to remove this template message Ruby arrives in Hollyoaks village to stay with her brother, Duncan Button, after leaving home.

Duncan allows Ruby to move in with him. Ricky ends the relationship after he sees Ruby bullying a younger pupil at school. In retaliation, Ruby attempts to get Ricky expelled from school, but ultimately fails. Amy discovers that Ruby and Sinead wrote the letter and as punishment, asks them to write apology letters to Esther. Ruby refuses and admits that she is illiterate. Ruby explains that her parents obsession with fame caused her illiteracy. Esther reveals Ruby's illiteracy to school headmaster, Pete Hamill, who offers to help Ruby.

Ruby develops an attraction to Pete. Colin Grimshaw begins tutoring Ruby to read and write. Ruby falsely claims that Colin touched her inappropriately. Pete convinces Ruby that Colin was only trying to comfort her. In their next tutoring session, Ruby brands Colin a pervert and he slaps her. Pete sees this and suspends Colin. Pete offers to be Ruby's new tutor, which she accepts. Ruby plans a house party when her legal guardians, Frankie and Jack Osborne go on vacation.

Jack asks his son, Darren, and Darren's girlfriend, Nancy Hayton, to babysit Ruby whilst they are away. Nancy foils Ruby's plans and secretly cancels the party. Upon discovering this, Ruby argues with Nancy and decides to run away.

are anna shaffer and dylan llewellyn dating

Whilst trying to hitch a lift out of the village, Ruby meets Riley Costello and Doug Carter and introduces herself as Alicia. She joins them on their night out and becomes intoxicated. Ruby goes home with Doug and they passionately kiss, but she falls asleep.

Doug discovers Ruby's real age and calls Riley. Ruby wakes up and hears them discussing her. She takes Riley's football training top as she is unable to find her own top and sneaks out. Doug and Riley find Ruby and return her home. Ruby lies to Esther, telling her that she and Riley had sex. Jono then attempts to sleep with Ruby in order to lose his virginity, but is shot down by Ruby. After Sinead is hospitalized after almost drowning while drunk, Ruby forms a plan to sneak her and Esther back on a bus to Hollyoaks, without anyone finding out they were at Abersoch.

The plan is a success and Sinead promises she won't tell anyone the two were there. Ruby and Esther then have a heart to heart about the places in the Osborne family and comfort each other by saying even if the family doesn't fully accept them, they'll always have each other and that's what matters. Nancy stops Ruby flirting with Pete, leaving Ruby angry. Ruby hears Pete offering to give Nancy a reference for a new job. Ruby steals Pete's mobile phone and when Nancy's interviewer calls for the reference, Ruby criticises Nancy.

Nancy fails to secure the job. Darren learns of Ruby's deception and gives Ruby a fake letter which explains that she has been suspended from school.

Darren reveals the letter is fake and Ruby apologizes to Nancy. Ruby kisses Pete during one of their tutoring sessions. Pete rejects Ruby's advances and tells her he can no longer tutor her. Ruby steals money from Jack and frames Danny Lawrencebut she later confesses. Ruby starts a relationship with Jono after he attends her 16th birthday party. The first time they sleep together is cut short when Jono doesn't last long causing awkwardness between the pair, however they make-up and sleep together again to correct it.

Ruby then wants their relationship to become official but Jono feels ashamed to be dating a school girl after Maddie Morrison Scarlett Bowman manipulates him.

Anna Shaffer

He them humiliates her at a party, so she dumps him. He manages to convince her to give him another chance and attempts to keep their relationship quiet, but Ruby soon finds out he fears he'll be embarrassed by his friends if they find out and breaks up with him. Jono attempts to talk to her during the ceremony but she rebukes him, still hurt by the way he treated her. Later at Sinead's party he manages to win her back by kissing her in front of his friends, showing he doesn't care what they think and that he truly wants to be with her.

Ruby attends a night out with her friends and Maddie gives her marijuana to smoke. Ruby is grounded by Jack and Maddie continues to alienate everyone against Ruby. Maddie later befriends Ruby. Soon after, Maddie begins bullying Esther with the help of Sinead and Ruby.

Jono plans to join the army, upsetting Ruby who declares she still has romantic feelings for him and Jono reveals that he feels the same.

They then get back together and Jono realizes that if he joins the army he'll have to leave her behind. Jono then proposes to her so that she can come with him to the army to live in the couple's quarters. Ruby accepts and they plan to marry.