Are camille and logan dating

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are camille and logan dating

Logan and Camille dated, then broke up, then she fell for James. Well, Logan still has feelings for the Palm Woods Method Actress. Are Matt Logan and Erin Quinn from Zoey dating in real life? Nope! . Are Logan and Camille still dating in the show Big Time Rush? no. Answered. Camille is pregnant with Logan's baby, but Camille caught Logan kissing another girl while they are dating. Will she give him another chance?Please Read xxo.

His eyes moved from Camille to his feet as she gave him an expectant look. Camille cocked an eyebrow.

Aren't you gonna say something? And I know that we've been back and forth for a while, and have had some hard times but I'm willing to put all of that behind me. I just want to be with you. Camille just stared at him. She was too surprised to do anything. This was what she she'd wanted Logan to say for what seemed like forever, but she wasn't as certain as she used to be about her feelings for him.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Logan, who had taken her hands in his.

are camille and logan dating

This was going to be tough. I feel like we can never really, truly be together, because you're never on the same page as me. No complications, just being together.

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And I wanna try and make things work with him. When I heard that you were going out with Peggy, I thought that you were moving on, so I thought I should do the same. I can't wait around for you forever.

He hates his relationship status. On Facebook, he had his as "it's complicated. Little did Logan know that James had just broken up with Camille, a clean tear. No tears, no problems. In fact, Camille was happy that James broke up with her. She still harbored feelings for Logan, and she didn't know that he still did.

James walked up to Logan at the kitchen counter in 2J. She still has feelings for you," James said.

are camille and logan dating

Aren't you two dating? See how she feels," James said. I think I will! Thanks, James," Logan said, leaving for the fourth floor. Logan walked towards the pool, muttering his thanks. He walked up to the method actress, but he received a slap before he could say a thing. She, Jo, and the record dealers are the only people in the VIP area, Logan probably giving her the badge. Camille says she can take the immense amount of fangirls, showing she has a really big crush on Logan.

Welcome back Big Time: When BTR is back, Camille tackle hugs Logan, showing she missed him during his tour, being the only kid reconizing them. In the popular music video Boyfriend, they enter tunnel of just friends, with Logan's face covered in kisses, shown that even after Camille kissed James they are still a couple, proving Katie wrong about the romantic relationship being toast. They both giving them presents.

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Before Camille left to her hometown, she gave Logan a kiss on the cheek. Carlos and James were using the mistle toe kendall got from jo so they get kissed. Only Logan didn't catch the mistle toe which shows that he don't want a kiss from any girl, only Camille. Camille helped James getting back his swagger from Logan, because he was followed by a lot of girls. They have to kiss a lot and in Griffin's office they were still kissing because they didn't knew that the cameras were turn off.