Are jake weber and patricia arquette dating

Who is Jake Weber dating? Jake Weber girlfriend, wife

are jake weber and patricia arquette dating

Jake Weber (born 12 March ) is an English actor, known in film for his role as Michael in Dawn of the Dead and for his role as Drew in Meet Joe Black. Jake Weber dating history, , , list of Jake Weber relationships. According to our records, Jake Weber is possibly single. . Patricia Arquette · Medium. To console myself, here's some tidbits from a phone press conference I did recently with the show's stars, Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber.

How has your experience on Medium influenced that opinion? Well, I think television has long been a strong supporter of women in leads, from Lucille Ball on. The last couple of years have shown that there have been better roles, but I think Meryl Streep is at a little bit of an advantage.

Patricia Arquette interview: on Boyhood, Nicolas Cage and growing up

There are many great actresses will never get in the room for a Meryl Streep part. But I'm glad to see more actresses having more powerful parts to play. If you look at the traditionally successful TV genres — crime, drama, medicine — right now there are a lot of those series that are led by women, whether it be Glenn Close on Damages or Grey's Anatomy I think it's always great when there's good work out there, I guess, and I think it helps other actresses.

The people that make decisions are bankers, and they look at models that are financially lucrative and then they make decisions on future projects according to a model they've seen make money [in the past]. So when someone goes in a room and pitches something as being "like The Closer," you know, look at how well The Closer has done for them. Especially on television, it's not so much a patriarchy; it always seems that there's a smart, strong woman calling the shots and her doofus husband.

Plus, I just think the writing is getting better. Television is getting much more complex. The writers ask for more of a commitment from their audiences. They don't really allow you to just check in once in a while; you have to follow these shows.

are jake weber and patricia arquette dating

I think that is working across the board in both men and women's favor. Speaking of doofus husbands, Jake, what will Joe be up to this season?

are jake weber and patricia arquette dating

Oh, Joe's in a good spot; he's got this investor who's putting up the dough for him to run his own company. And he's working in a big fancy warehouse.

Jake Weber

He has some problems finding people to work for him because he's had some bad luck with that. But he's in a good spot; he's in a big pot of honey this year. Any favorite episodes or scenes so far this year? I really liked [an episode that Arquette directed]. I thought it was a really good storyline.

There were some directorial problems She's got this weird fixation with food.

are jake weber and patricia arquette dating

She makes her actors eat food all the time. Every fing scene that I was in I had to be eating an apple or a piece of pizza or I don't know what else. You haven't even seen my cut yet, Jake, so just zip it.

are jake weber and patricia arquette dating

Any interesting guest stars coming up? We have some great guest stars: Do you have any pie-in-the-sky guest-star casting fantasies? I've always wanted to explore Allison's relationship with her mom, which we've never seen. She alludes sometimes to how lonely she was in discovering her abilities and how she wants it to be different for her daughter. I was always hoping that we could get Gena Rowlands.

Patricia Arquette interview: on Boyhood, Nicolas Cage and growing up - Telegraph

That's one of my little private fantasies. And, you know, all the crew has been together for this long; it's sort of like - it sort of feels like home right now. And also that's part of what's interesting about doing a long-term project is it's like a long-term relationship; like you run into sort of one pattern and you keep doing that same pattern over and over and over again, then you have a breakthrough, then you go back to cases, then you keep doing the same pattern over and over again and you don't notice it.

So it's sort of what I struggle with sometimes and yet I also see the value in it and I see the realism in that also. And certain scenes my back was to the camera because I was doing this secretive work I was working on. So I couldn't even see Jake's face. But I had to depend on a lot of other people.

are jake weber and patricia arquette dating

So it was really neat working with him but nerve wracking and exciting. And it was interesting to see how different our visual language was and our emotional language with cutting choices. How do the actors think the relationship between Allison and Joe has stayed intact? And I think that that's a hard thing to do in relationships, you know, if you have a strong willed individuals and I think both of them are fairly strong willed especially probably Allison more so than Joe.

But when they do get into conflict they resolve it quickly because there's a very strong sort of foundation there of respect and love and fun. I mean, of course I always thought the psychic aspect of it was interesting but I don't think I'd have the same connection if it hadn't been for the family stuff.