Brie bella and daniel bryan dating

15 Little Known Facts About Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella's Relationship

brie bella and daniel bryan dating

Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are one of WWE's most popular couples were just friends, they didn't actually start dating until a few months after. The WWE couple started dating and were engaged by Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella started dating in and were married in Relationship with Brie Bella started as a story line: Daniel Bryan. line and said that they eventually ended up dating each other after that.

Relationship with Brie Bella started as a story line: Daniel Bryan

Brie and Bryan did benefit from the poor writing. They became friends and started to realize they had a lot in common. This eventually led to Bryan and Brie developing feelings to begin a legitimate relationship together.

brie bella and daniel bryan dating

The rest is history. Brie Mode is what happens when Brie drinks too much and gets a little wild. An episode of the reality show featured Daniel Bryan being annoyed with Brie interrupting his sleep while in Brie Mode. Bryan does not drink alcohol and finds no joy in his loved ones being drunk. It makes for awkward television any time Brie indulges and Bryan is around.

brie bella and daniel bryan dating

Brie has refrained from hitting Brie Mode following her marriage. Bryan and Brie both made sure to only eat at local restaurants when on the road together. Bryan and Brie both prefer vegan or vegetarian meals which also makes them lean towards the local spots that cook to their desires. The hunt for hidden gems in various cities all over the country created a fun aspect to life on the road. It can be hectic trying to keep your sanity when traveling with WWE.

Raw: Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella vs. Ted DiBiase & Maryse

Bryan and Brie were able to spend their time together and going to charming local restaurants gave them a good way to add some fun into their road life. However, many would argue the best matches of his career actually took place in Ring of Honor.

The two had a legendary rivalry and actually were both signed to the WWE at the same time. McGuiness unfortunately endured bad luck by having health issues take away his WWE contract and ultimately end his career.

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With his in-ring career ending, McGuinness filmed a documentary and went to Kickstarter for online funding. Brie saw her husband walk away from the company and she saw how emotional it made him.

Brie Bella dating Daniel Bryan | Wrestling On Earth

So she made the decision to retire from wrestling herself less than two months later when she wrestled as part of the diva tag match at WrestleMania 32 and was victorious when she made Naomi tap to her husband's famous Yes Lock. Brie's sister then came down to the ring to celebrate with her and that was the last time the WWE Universe saw Brie in a wrestling ring before this year's Women's Royal Rumble.

It was just three months after Brie's retirement that WWE announced that Bryan would be the new General Manager of SmackDown Live, which put him back out on the road again, leaving Brie behind after she had just decided to change her career path for him. Despite it being one of the best weeks of Bryan's life, tragedy struck a few weeks later when it was revealed that Bryan's father had passed away.

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella’s Relationship: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Bryan had only recently returned from his honeymoon with Brie when he got the news on April 21st Ever the performer, Bryan decided that despite his bad news he would still be on Raw that night since "the show must go on".

Bryan and his father were very close and it's nice to know that he was able to watch his son marry the love of his life just weeks before he passed away.

Brie supported Bryan through what was a whirlwind month for him after April started out so bright for him with his WrestleMania win and his marriage to Brie, things started to go downhill. It was only a few weeks after his father's passing that Bryan's injuries started to become a problem and the company began pushing for him to drop the World Championship that he had fought so hard for.

Brie explained to her sister that the couple had an entire process that they had to go through because Bryan liked to relax and cuddle, which could be why the duo hadn't been involved in more than a month.

Luckily, Nikki stepped in and gave her sister some advice and Brie then stated that she and her husband were back on track.

brie bella and daniel bryan dating

The twins have definitely reached points where they share way too much information with their fanbase, but luckily Bryan doesn't watch Total Bellas or Total Divas so he will be completely unaware of the things that Brie is telling the world about their lives together. Nikki shares a lot of information about her life with John as well, but some of this could just be because the show needs ratings and this kind of information usually draws some people to watch.

Daniel Bryan's autobiography that was released back in highlighted one of the most amusing issues that the couple has ever had, which dates back to when the pair was attempting to spend their first night together.

Bryan claimed that he and Brie were attempting to get some alone time in their hotel room while they were still on the road with WWE when Sheamus decided to burst in along with Ted DiBiase.

When the realized what the couple was up to he simply exclaimed: Brie shares a lot of intimate details about the couple on Total Divas, but it appears that Bryan doesn't mind letting the public in on a few of his personal secrets either.