Cato and glimmer dating quotes

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cato and glimmer dating quotes

Glimmer and CAto were holding hands when they were walking or chasing Katniss. Glimmer and Cato were flirting while they were waiting for Katniss to come. And then Glimmer, she's kinda slutty and threw herself at me and her other siblings whom are And then there's Cato; captain of Lacrosse. Main · Videos; Almaris online dating online dating cato and glimmer dating quotes cato and glimmer dating quotes mark gosselaar and lark voorhies dating .

Interview Glimmer with Caesar at her interview. Glimmer's interview with Caesar went very well, as she did a great job and looked the part wearing a provocative see-through gold dress in the book, although in the film it was a short, light-pink dress, and she told Caesar that "I am very prepared" for the games.

It is said that "the crowd went wild" at the sight of her. Katniss guessed that she would probably get many sponsorsdue to her appearance during the interview.

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Cornucopia bloodbath Glimmer ejects her knife out of the District 6 female after stabbing her to death. She stands on the pedestal next to Rue and the District 3 male. When the gong rings, Glimmer, like most tributes, runs towards the Cornucopia. Glimmer tries to steal the District 6 female 's sleeping bag, but she is able to run away. After some attempts, Glimmer manages to throw the girl to the ground, get on top of her, and stabs her to death. Glimmer then grabs the yellow sleeping bag and runs, only to collide with the District 10 male.

The District 10 male takes the sleeping bag and runs. Glimmer runs past Thresh into the Cornucopia. She sees and pins the District 5 male onto a crate and immediately stabs him with a knife. Glimmer screams as the District 6 male is about to kill her. The District 10 male grabs her arm. Glimmer punches his face, grabs him by the back of his neck and pins him onto a crate and tries to slash him many times but he is too quick for her.

The District 6 male pushes her to the ground, making Glimmer scream.

cato and glimmer dating quotes

He is about to kill her when Cato pushes him away. Glimmer grabs a sword and watches as Cato kills the District 6 male. She then walks inside to look for supplies, like the bow waiting for her outside.

During the Games Cato and Glimmer attempt to attack Katniss while she's in a tree hiding. The Careers discovered Peeta and allowed him in the pack so they could get to Katniss. During the first night, the Careers stumbled upon the District 8 female who made a fire during the middle of the night. Glimmer killed her, assisted by Peeta and Cato. After the fire havoc, Glimmer and the other Career members were not as fast as before. Later, Glimmer along with the Career pack found Katniss and chased her up a tree.

When Cato decided to go up the tree Katniss was trapped in, Glimmer offered him her bow and arrowsbut he refused as he could do better with his sword. When Cato fell out of the tree due to his weight, Glimmer decided to try, but she quickly realized that the branches wouldn't support her either. It was obvious that she wasn't familiar with the bow and arrows, as she didn't hold the arrows straight and had a hard time knocking the arrow to the bowstring. However, in the film, she seems to have slight experience with a bow and arrow.

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When she fires at Katniss and misses, Katniss teases her by grabbing the arrow and swinging it around to embarrass her for her lack of knowledge in the movie, Glimmer and Cato both shoot arrows at Katniss and miss, prompting Katniss to sneer, "Why don't you try throwing the sword?

Furious, Glimmer agrees with Peeta that the pack should wait for Katniss to come down on her own, as she won't be able to get away without them knowing, so they sleep under the tree, a decision which would ultimately lead to her death. Death Glimmer being attacked by tracker jackers. Glimmer was killed by tracker jackers that Katniss, who was originally informed of the nest by Rue, sent down on the Career Tributes by cutting off the branch that held it.

Glimmer, CloveMarvel, Cato, the District 4 girl in the bookand Peeta were camping at the bottom of the tree where Katniss was hiding. Shocked at the sudden attack, everyone but Glimmer and the girl from District 4 escaped to the lake. Glimmer screamed hysterically for help, but no one came back for her.

Because of her many stings, Glimmer soon collapsed and began twitching and moaning from the tracker jacker hallucinations, and the District 4 girl died later on. Unfortunately for Glimmer, her death was not quick, and for several minutes after collapsing, her heart kept beating and she fell into a coma.

Glimmer after the tracker jackers' attack. When Katniss returns for the bow and arrows, she notes that she could not recognize Glimmer anymore, as the venom had bloated her body grotesquely, and her plum-sized stings were oozing green pus and were bursting.

When she touched one of the pimple-like wounds on Glimmer's shoulder, it disintegrated in her hand. However, there is a chance that this did not happen as Katniss was experiencing hallucinations herself.

Katniss shielded Glimmer's body from being taken away by the hovercraft and desperately tried to take the bow and arrows from her, breaking many of her mutated, petrified fingers with a stone, finally getting her hand on Glimmer's shoulder blade, she pulls Glimmer onto her side to retrieve the quiver of arrows. In the film, there was no green pus, so this may mean that what Katniss saw in the book was a hallucination.

Glimmer was placed 12th out of the 24 tributes, making it halfway. Mutt Glimmer appeared once again towards the end of the Hunger Games to kill the remaining tributes as a mutt. She along with Marvel, Clove, FoxfaceRueThreshand the other 15 unnamed tributes all appeared as muttations from the Capitol, which were a combination of the fallen tribute's DNA and a wolf. She was the first mutt Katniss recognized as each had an attribute of the fallen tribute.

Glimmer's wolf form was lean with silky-blonde fur, shining emerald eyes which were unmistakably human-like, and the number "1" on its jeweled collar. The auditorium was packed. I guess they really value their traditions here. Peeta dragged me up the front row with him and he introduced me with his friends.

I met; Johanna Mason, a crazy bitch but seems pretty cool. And then Glimmer, she's kinda slutty and threw herself at me and her other siblings whom are seniors Cashmere and Gloss, twins. Clove, a short girl but with the strength of a man.

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Madge's brother, Marvel, who's really funny and a perv. He jokes about getting girls naked. And then there's Cato; captain of Lacrosse. He's okay, I guess. A little anger issues but he's normal. And normal is all that I need to survive this school.

Didn't you guys know that? Seriously you always complain about Katniss being a bitch when you, her own BFF, is a bitch herself. Katniss already has enough on her plate and you guys are not helping by complaining with her bitchiness, when you don't even bother try to understand her!

There's clearly tension, and I judge Johanna too quickly about her being crazy but her morals are great. Just because you know one thing about Katniss that I didn't doesn't mean you're suddenly her best friend! How will we stick together without Gale or glue? And all eyes landed on me. Why do they even want me to? They don't even know me. It's in the movies and in my old school the quarterback is the leader. Well not really he has grey smouldering eyes and your eyes are bright.

But your both seem like the brooding type. They all look at me desperately that I almost pitied them, almost. The stage was well organised; A podium and photos in a stand in a line but the biggest of them all were the one with a written name; Gale Hawthorne.

The school principal; Alma Coin, began to make her speech. They will be missed. A fiery haired girl walked up to the podium, taking the principals spot. As I am with my brother, Blight Fox. And I want to say that, they will be missed. And welcome in our head cheerleader, Katniss Everdeen.

cato and glimmer dating quotes

Katniss face was puffy. It was obvious that she's been crying. She hugged it tight around her chest and unfolded it, slipping it on. Katniss then slowly walked up to the podium with her arms crossed. I could see how nervous she is, she was a mess. The giggling girl I was earlier is now replaced with a scared little girl. I heard sobbing behind me and I turned around to see girls clutching each other's hands.

And some held banners that read; Kat and Gale forever. That's just ridiculous to mourn a post high school relationship. Katniss waited for the audience to stop laughing before speaking again. When he left for college, we were already broken up a week before.

cato and glimmer dating quotes

And it was all me. We couldn't decide on what college he should go to and so we decided to draw in from a hat but I rigged it. He was mad because I rigged it to the college he wanted to go to and not the college closer here. And he dumped me because instead of choosing him to stay.

She recovered from her state. A seat away from me is an upset Madge, probably because she expected Katniss in her arms. Once everyone settled down, I offered her to sit on my seat, so she'll be next to Johanna. They played the videos of the interviews of late students and talked about their experience and how they met their high school sweethearts here.

They were mostly about love. And not the academics. How crazy is that to have a principal who would meddle into your relationship. Katniss added with a grin. As long as the authority doesn't know.

How does that work? You can just cut class but in test you have to do well or else you fail.

cato and glimmer dating quotes

Let's just say, you can do whatever the hell you want. As long as your popular, which you are. I'm Katniss by the way. But then suddenly look up. How did they get this video? It wasn't like bad quality in fact in was like a film. When were about to do something special or a first in our relationship. We tell the teachers and they get camera's follow us everywhere and we get exact credit.