Dating coach jake and amir dog

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dating coach jake and amir dog

Force ft. intuitive dating coach & medium Nikki Novo, We welcome intuitive dating . back our HeadGum podcast network founders, comedians Jake & Amir! . in your dating profile and what happens when you break up and share a dog. The latest Tweets from Amir Blumenfeld (@jakeandamir). The Cardinals have hired if Jake and I had a Kliff Kingsbury will be the next head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, per @PSchrags You know there's a video somewhere of a soldier coming home from war and a dog just not giving a. I saw my dad a married man using online dating sites. How does a not so attractive girl(23F) start dating in a foreign country? . "Havana: Spend 12 months' salary in 36 hours"The Best "Dog Gone" Christian Dating Advice a Brotha can offer . [Script] Jake and Amir: Black FridayWhy I will never set foot in .

I just thought Amir was so funny, and I had this crappy camera.

They need to bring back the running joke of Amir's friends having really weird names. : jakeandamir

We just made these videos and our friends started passing them around. It kind of grew from there. Fired, a thirty-minute episode of Jake and Amir that the pair had produced and edited in the previous months, while continuing to release short episodes.

Jake and Amir work together to get Amir's job back. Fired is very much an extension of the Jake and Amir that people already know That being said, it also expands the universe considerably by adding characters, locations, and something even newer to a Jake and Amir plot.

The Guardian 's Brian Logan said Hurwitz and Blumenfeld "cackle a lot, as they find various ways to repackage tales of puerile behaviour as comedy. Blumenfeld liked the idea, but "also liked having health insurance. Donald Trump, to comment on the United States presidential election. Long Form or Series. Jake is typically portrayed as the "straight man", generally acting as the rational, normal one of the pair. More recently, Jake has sometimes been portrayed as insecure, self-centered and ignorant, especially when girls or fashion are involved.

It is also implied that Jake actually craves Amir's attention, and has become increasingly more annoying to the rest of his coworkers. Amir, by contrast, is usually portrayed as the "funny man".

Amir is obsessed with Jake, and often says or does annoying things to try to spend time with him. He is unhealthy, doesn't do any work, and lacks common sense and a basic education.

Jake and Amir

He can also be very aggressive or physically abusive towards his co-workers, who generally hate him. He has various friends and relatives who are mentioned in the series most commonly his cousin Leron and 'friend' Mickeyalthough they rarely appear.

Mickey did make an appearance in "Finale part 5", played by actor Ed Helms. Murph has terrorized Jake on several occasions, bullying him very physically for no known reason, while Emily is attracted to Jake, further enraging the anger-prone Murph, most notably in the episode "Table Read" and the "Dinner Date" series of episodes. Several non-CollegeHumor employees have featured as guest stars to the series such as: In more recent episodes featuring Ben Schwartz, Jake has suffered physical and sexual abuse.

A running theme of these episodes is the raps Amir and Hoodie write involve aardvark semen, yet when Jake tries to come up with his own they are generally terrible.

dating coach jake and amir dog

Rick Fox has also featured as both Amir's bookie, betting on past events causing Amir to lose significant amounts of money. It is discovered in episode "Rick Fox" that Rick is in fact consciously scamming.

Thomas Middleditch has also recurred as Doobs, Amir's childhood frenemy.

dating coach jake and amir dog

A running joke is that Amir mockingly uses the name "Doobs" as an insult for his last name Dubliner, ignoring the fact that his first name is Penis.

With each appearance, Doobs changes his name to increasingly ridiculous and embarrassing names which Amir mocks with similarly harmless nicknames such as "Huds" or "Smitty". Another recurring joke is their incredible similarity despite their mutual hatred for each other. Takeru Kobayashi also appears briefly in an episode of his namesake as Amir feeds him hot-dogs. Three of The Gregory Brothers appeared in an episode, and released an accompanying song featuring Amir on their own YouTube channel.

Jake and Amir did a 7 part mini-series recapping their trip in an RV and continued to make videos at their new office every week. Running jokes The characters have several catchphrases although they have recently become less common as the creators felt that the jokes were becoming less funny. Blumenfeld has said that their senses of humor have changed since they made earlier episodes.

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Both characters have attempted freestyle rapping, including in several episodes featuring Hoodie Allen. Occasionally, Amir films a mini-series called "Ace and Jocelyn" in which he pretends that he and Jake are "astronaut accountants from outer space. There are nine episodes of Amir's "Ace and Jocelyn" series. Many of their catchphrases can be found on T-shirts that are sold on Busted Tees, which is run by the same company as CollegeHumor.

Fired minute special On October 11,the release of the series' first paid episode was announced. The half-hour episode, titled Jake and Amir: Jake sees this as an opportunity to finally rid himself of Amir and start a new life.

However, after discovering Amir at a new low and unable to find work, Jake feels bad and decides to help Amir get his old job back. To do so, Jake and Amir shoot a new episode of the farcical show "Ace and Jocelyn" involving Amir throwing plates flying saucers in a diner, tattooing a 'treasure map' onto his back, interrupting a funeral, raiding an elementary school and launching a live turkey concealed in a cage off a bridge and into traffic.