Difference nhl 13 and 14 dating

After many hours of playing NHL 13, here is my review. | IGN Boards

difference nhl 13 and 14 dating

Find out about the NHL 19 new features, cover athletes, pre-order details, and everything else you need to know. NHL 13 is an ice hockey video game developed by EA Canada published by EA Sports. It is the 22nd installment of the NHL series. The game was released on. But is nhl 14 goal scoring really easier? Join Date: Apr NHL 13 can be infuriating and I am thinking about making the jump for easier and frankly I didn 't notice a huge difference between those two (as I mentioned.

At least this year the game has allowed you to be in control of what happens on the ice and as a player strategy and vision will be key. EA has definately headed in the right direction and this is a must own.


I'm not prepared to give this game higher than 8 at the moment however because the game does show some typical problems of EA rushing out games. I'm an owner of the Stanley cup collectors edition and it came with codes for packs, both codes say they were successful but packs are not anywhere to be found.

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You also get EA pucks for logging in daily and logging in today, the second day, free pucks are not given out. There also seems to be a bit of a problem with AI receiving the puck.

difference nhl 13 and 14 dating

For a rebuilt engine it is frustrating that some design remnants of past versions exist. Now that they made the players individual again, it was not necessary to keep some patch scripting from previous editions. All in all though this is a solid title. It stands out alone from any past version of NHL and I can tell you NHL 11 and NHL 12 in my house just became dust collectors, because this version EA succeeded in making gameplay the most important aspect and this year it is fully in the players control.

You now can make a grinding team or an elite team which can skate fast but thats about it, or any type of team your heart desires. For this I am gratified towards EA. I always thought the game should be tuned by the players stats and go from there, and that is exactly what has been built. Explosiveness refers to how quickly a player can accelerate when gliding, being in a stationary state or how far a player can skate quickly.

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Top-end speed means that the players can skate as quickly as in real-life in their top speeds. Momentum is part of the physics; for example, a player skating at top speed may not turn around as quickly when carrying the puck as compared to when skating at normal speed or just gliding.

Also, a player skating at top speed has his shooting and passing accuracies decreased.

difference nhl 13 and 14 dating

Momentum also means that players have a harder time recovering from mistakes. The new animations, combined with the Skill Stick features, allow for a lot of new plays and dekes that can be pulled off.

In NHL 12, each player's overall rating is based on that player's role in the team playmaker, enforcer, defensive defenceman etc. In NHL 13, however, the player's overall rating is based on that player's skill in their position i.

difference nhl 13 and 14 dating

For example, in NHL 12, George Parros at that time playing for the Anaheim Ducks was rated 81 overall out of 99 based on his role as an enforcer. In NHL 13, Parros' overall rating has been lowered down to 69 as determined by his skill as a forward.

  • After many hours of playing NHL 13, here is my review.
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EA Sports stated that this was "a fan-requested change". Based on their attribute values, the players are now also given 5-star ratings for these six categories: Further, the teams' overall ratings for offense, defense and goaltending are now also 5-star based ratings instead of out-of ones.

Team-specific presentations for the NHL teams have been added, and it's also possible to manually customize the experience. Allows players to play in online Be a GM leagues with human-controlled teams.

Players can keep track of what's happening in their league with a mobile app.