Furukawa yuki and miki dating games

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furukawa yuki and miki dating games

Furukawa Yuki Weibo Interview #古川雄輝微访谈# In the drama shooting with ten-years younger Honoka Miki, will it be very . RPG game, etc .. the same background as some of her selca so i think they are still dating. Items 1 - 20 of 47 Itazura na Kiss 2 - Love in Tokyo Special Making (Blu-ray)(Japan Version) Blu- ray Region All Miki Honoka | Furukawa Yuki Release Date. Yuki Furukawa and Miki Honoka. likes · 3 talking about this. Naoki Irie and Kotoko Aihara in Mischievous Kiss:Love in Tokyo.

Saori Seto is the little sister of Reiko. She liked Naoki at first, but eventually fell for Kotoko's admirer; Takendo. She has liked Yuuki since junior high, but he refused to be her friend. After a while, Yuuki has a change of heart. Sahoko is the granddaughter of an old CEO of a successful company. She was arranged to marry Naoki to help fix his father's company's problems.

Furukawa Yuki

But when she understood that he was in love with Kotoko, she gave up. In the anime adaptation, she does not appear at all and Chris is the one who dates Naoki. She is sweet and kind and gentle like an angel, but is also crazy about seeing blood, which makes her somewhat scary.

furukawa yuki and miki dating games

She went to study nursing to marry a doctor. Eventually, she becomes involved with Funetsu, although she keeps trying to get close to other guys. Rika is Naoki's and Yuuki's cousin. She moved to America five years ago.

furukawa yuki and miki dating games

When she comes back, she tries to break Naoki and Kotoko apart but eventually fails. She also turns out to be Naoki's first kiss, but it was against his wishes. She appeared in the Korean adaptation's special in YouTube.

Saori Seto is a handicapped patient that Keita was assigned to take care of when he went on an internship. During that time, the two of them fell for each other. Because she lost faith in herself, she stopped trying to walk. However, after an unexpected fright from Kotoko, she walks again.

Grandma Yoshida is an year-old lady which is picky and gives nurses problems especially towards Kotoko.

furukawa yuki and miki dating games

She was looked after by Kotoko, and eventually realises that Kotoko is a hard worker and gives her less of a hard time. Male[ edit ] Shigeo Aihara Voiced by: Bin ShimadaPortrayed by: Takashi Naitou, Yoji Tanaka in the remake is Kotoko's widowed father. He is the chef and owner of a restaurant. When Shigeo and Kotoko's house collapses from an earthquake, his close friend Shigeki immediately invites them to live at his home.

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Shigeo later makes Kinosuke his apprentice. Shigeki Irie Voiced by: Takashi Nagasako is the father of Naoki and Yuuki, and the close friend of Shigeo. He is the president of a gaming company, thus enabling his family to have a wealthy lifestyle.

Shigeki originally pressured Naoki to become his successor, but relents after seeing Naoki's passion for medicine. Yuuki later offers to become his successor. Yuuki Irie Voiced by: Romi ParkPortrayed by: Ryotaro Akashi, Yuga Aizawa in the remake is the brother of Naoki. He really looks up to his older especially because of his strong composure during situations and the fact that he can do anything.

In the beginning he openly hated Kotoko, but as she spent more time with his family he grew used to her but openly insults. At first he never believed his brother would ever fall for Kotoko until he saw his brother kiss Kotoko secretly while she was sleeping and promised not to tell anyone.

But when Naoki almost got married to Sahoko in the anime adaptation Chris is engaged to Naoki insteadhe questioned him about whether he really wants to marry her and let Kotoko go. Shuuhei SakaguchiPortrayed by: Shinsuke AokiYuki Yamada in the remake, Shimon Okura is the guy who has liked Kotoko ever since high school and didn't give up until Naoki confessed that he was emotionally involved with her as well.

After a year, he meets Christine and marries her, thus ending his devotion to Kotoko. However, he and Kotoko retain their friendship. Akio Ohtsuka is Kotoko and Naoki's senpai in college and the school's tennis captain. He has liked Reiko since meeting her, but hasn't been successful in winning her heart. In the anime, however, he is shown to have married her in Episode Kotoko describes him as someone who has a dual personality.

He is very kind when he's not holding the tennis racquet, but once he holds it, he becomes vicious and competitive most especially to Naoki, but he always loses to him. He met her in college and tried to date her, but eventually fell for Ayako, Reiko's little sister. Because he is a very obedient boy, he had a hard time defying his mother who was against his marriage with Satomi, but after a little support from Kotoko, decides to follow his heart.

He is very passionate about nursing and can therefore be very fierce if things don't go right.

furukawa yuki and miki dating games

If myself get a confession from such frank girl, frankly, I would be very happy. What action that Furukawa-san will take? Will it be like Naoki initiallytake rejecting attitude? Strong girls and considerate girls, which type that you prefer? Both types are OK. If you really must choose? Um…… Very hard to choose.

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Girls type that I like, no special criteria of what it must be. In the drama, you play role of a boy that fall in love, if Furukawa-san fall in love in the real life, what will be your move? Or what kind of relationship that you want to build? I myself will accordingly respect adjusting with other party. For example, she wants me to do something, I will do so. However, overall, I will do things that my girlfriend want me to do. Be the lead or not, I hope when dealing with my girlfriend, we each other can show other our reckless side, if only one person become the lead, such a relationship can be very tiring, so for me, get spoiled with each other, depend on each other, is the ideal love.

Girl that has a unique temperament, will be very appealing to me. Yuki, are you refering to Honoka?

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LOL Do you believe in love at the first sight? Must get along first, will only confirm that you like that person. How is your ideal date? If this kind of date, I could tell her about my interest, she also can tell me things she interested in. Herbivorous or carnivorous in dating.