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is holly and fiona dating games

This is just a oneshot of how Fiona feels when Imogen and Eli are dating. Fimogen "Holly J told me that I'd find someone better, someone who's perfect for me. Holly J and Fiona started out as rivals, but eventually became friends. Kenna's romance started out in a love triangle with Clare, K.C.'s former girlfriend. Fiona-Holly J. Friendship General Information Nickname Folly J. Intimacy Level Both girls have kissed Declan Coyne: Holly J. when she was dating him and.

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Alli acted reckless in hopes Johnny would come around. She sent him naked photos, and slept with him thinking it was his first time. Alli later found out Johnny had lied to her about being a virgin. They managed to maintain a brief friendship, which ended after Johnny ratted her out to Sav for trying to run away to Vancouver. They decided to call it quits but remained friendly. During a visit home over Thanksgiving, Bianca called off the engagement and said goodbye for good.

Both kept their feelings for each other a secret up until the Winter Frostival when Fiona finally confessed. In return, Imogen told her she felt the same way. After winter break, Imogen seemed distant from the relationship. She later revealed that she needed time before she was ready to share her feelings for a female with the rest of the world.

Mia really believed that Anya was going to stop hanging out with Holly J.

is holly and fiona dating games

I'd rather take a zero on my assignment. Toby is mutually attracted to Holly J, until they are seen together by Anya and her clique of friends, which reminds Holly J. She then proceeds to apologize to Toby and explain that she is willing to lower her standards to date him and also insults Liberty, which backfires and causes Toby to reject her accusing her and her friends of being "shallow".

She tries to get Holly J. Anya confronts Sav, and he tells her that it would be later on and he wants to fight for them. Anya realizes that Holly J. Anya gives Holly J. Anya, not knowing what to do, runs off crying. When asked why Holly J. At this point, Holly J. Season 8 - Biography Edit Holly J. She has also begun to like Mia and even though she gets jealous of Mia becoming a model, she lets her on the Power Squad.

When Danny, Derek, and Riley were wearing offensive shirts with the phrase 'Sorry I dropped the ball, it's my time of the month' and showed them to Jane, Holly J.

is holly and fiona dating games

Derek replies that she likes it when he takes his shirt off, and Holly J. When Anya's not present at cheer practice, Chantay says she skipped to sleep with Sav. They become partners for an art project and when alone, Holly J. The next day, Anya says that she missed practice, because she was sick and denies having sex with Sav, making Holly. When alone again, Blue says he now wants to have sex with Holly J, but she rejects him, just like he rejected her, since she now knows she's not the only virgin on the squad.

Later on, Holly J. She does this by taking him to the leadership conference where Jane is making a speech and makes him pretend that he's Barry Cohen, an author that hadn't arrived yet. In Money for Nothing, Holly J. So her mom cuts her credit card in half. She doesn't want Blue and her teammates to know about her problem, so she lies to her teammates about going to a family wedding and tells Blue that she really didn't want to go with him, making him upset.

She then asks Spinner Mason for a job at The Dot to get money for the trip, lying by saying it's for college applications, and he says yes. Later that night, her friends come to The Dot and she continues to lie. After Derek Haig insults Holly J because she was not quick to give him his order, she pours his drink on him, causing Spinner to fire her.

The next day at school, Leia tells Holly J. She lets her team know, but all of them are mad about her trashing Mia's reputation. As a result, she is voted off the squad. She then tries to rekindle her date with Blue, who rejects her by calling her spoiled and selfish.

She then goes back to The Dot to ask Spinner for her job back. This time she confesses the truth to Spinner about her money problem. After some advice and a mutual understanding, he gives her another chance. In Heat of the Moment, Holly J. Johnny then breaks up with Alli, and Alli snaps at Holly J.

Alli then sees threatening comments about Holly J. This causes Holly J. Alli's suspended from school and gets a police record, after the Sinclair family calls the police for the threats on the hate group. Anya and Alli go over to Holly J. A few days later, the group is deleted, and Alli apologizes to the school and Holly J, about her actions, however people still continue to tease Holly J.

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As they are about to close The Dot, a former Lakehurst student comes in with a gun and holds an armed robbery. The door is foggy, so she writes the word gun on the door.

Blue ends up calling the police, and they arrive surrounding the vicinity of The Dot. Absentmindedly, the gunman ends up shooting Spinner, and Holly J.

She eventually calms the gunman down and walks out with him to the police. Spinner is rushed to the hospital. Holly J soon visits him in the hospital where Spinner tells her that he's flattered but he and Jane are in a serious relationship. Holly J ends up going to the dance, and everyone applauds her for being brave and getting the shooter to exit The Dot. She says an apology and dances with Blue and they move their relationship to being more than just friends.

She is trying to organize the "Winter Beach Bash", but is overwhelmed with work. Blue tells her that she has a bad attitude which she has been clearly showing in the episodeand she tells him he can't change her and he says "Good bye, Holly", which is a sign that they have broken up.

They decided to start a babysitting business when they notice that a lot of mothers need babysitters. They end up being really good friends. Declan deals with the situation in a sly way and says it's just a government car and when Holly asked to exchange insurance he claims that she was asking for his number.

That causes Holly J. One day when Jane said she would cover for a babysitter, Holly J. She later confronts Jane, telling her that she can only lie to Spinner so long since they work together. Holly J advises Jane to dump Declan and choose Spinner. Jane takes her advice and ends her secret relationship with Declan.

Jane and Holly J. After flirting with Declan, he sets his sights high on her. He tries to woo her by putting a rose and magnet letters that say Friday on her locker.

When she comes back from doing morning announcements she seems him leaning on her locker with his cellphone playing music. He asks her out but she declines. That leaves him desperate to find out information about her. In computer class they were learning how to make people profiles, so when it was Declan's turn he made a profile for Holly J. When the results were delivered at lunch later that day Holly J. He eats with her and tells her the story about him meeting the Dalai Lama.

But when his girlfriend Trish, who he was about to break up with, finds out she then yells at him and tells Holly J. The next day at lunch Declan wanted to meet her in the Music Room.

He locks her in the recording booth and he keeps her in there until she stops yelling. While, she is in there he tells her that she is the one girl that he really likes and wants to go out with. He then unlocks her when a student needs to use it. When she tells him that on Friday she'll have to babysit at the school, Declan surprises her there and plays with the kids.

After, they go out for mushroom pizza and they share their first kiss. In Somebody, Holly J. They decide to skip period 4 and take goofy pictures.

But, when they're at the Dot he tells her that the judge is his mom. Declan's mom disapproves of it. But then Declan pokes her from behind the stage and she goes behind the stage. They then start flirting, and then begin making out. He then unbuttons her dress halfway, and they start really kissing. But when Holly J. She is extremely embarrassed.

Sinclair have a meeting with Holly J. They all agree that Holly J. They get caught together again, and they have another meeting with Ms. They are very surprised, and they still don't want them to go out. This time Declan stands up and says that they will be together, no matter what. Then he and Holly J. Her and Declan are excited that he'll be their student teacher since he's their friend.

When he starts assigning homework for their class, Holly J. Marco is upset but he lets them slide this one time. But, the next time they can't. When he assigns an essay due in 2 days he makes Holly J.

But, at the basketball team victory party Mr. Perino tells Marco that he has to stop letting Holly J. So he confronts them and tells them that they have to do it know matter what. She seems very jolly and happy. In Holiday Road, Holly J. She questions her about Smithdale Univeristy because Smithdale is a choice for her, but Emma quickly changes the subject and walks away with Kelly. In the end of the episode Holly J. She tells Emma that she'll be fine no matter what she does.

Later on, when Emma is about to leave she tells Emma that she hopes to see her again. Emma thanks Holly J. She also ask her to keep in touch, to which Holly J responds that that's what the internet is for.

She is surprised that he is really peppy. When Peter tells the kids on the announcements to go to "Above The Dot". She goes to prom with Declan and has a good time dancing and having fun. The next day, Anya confronts her about the unprotected sex, and Holly J. But, Anya tells her that she isn't taking the pill.

She then finds out Clare kisses Declan on the neck and warns her politely to keep off. She reveals that Clare is a very good writer and says if it stops her from wanting to kiss Declan then she should continue. She gives Clare a decaf green tea when she orders it. Before making love, Declan gives Holly J. Declan doesn't say it back, but they still sleep with each other.

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The next day at school, a concerned Holly J. Jane tells Holly J. Later, when Declan is walking to play practice, Holly J. Declan tells her it's not that simple and Holly J. Meanwhile, at play practice Fiona comes to see Declan.

Declan tells her that he is nervous to tell her since last time. Fiona tells him that he's a silly boy. The next day, Holly J. Fiona laughs and tells her that it's her and his grandmother's bracelet and Declan only gives it to the people he truly loves.

Fiona tells her that Declan had a true love and he told her that he loved her and she cheated on him, he doesn't want that to happen again. When she finds Declan, they talk and make up. Later on, after finding out that she and her brother are going to move back to Manhattan an excited Fiona tells Declan, who is upset and doesn't know how he's going to be able to tell it to Holly J.

is holly and fiona dating games

Later that day, Holly J. The morning of the play Declan and his mom are talking and Declan tells her that he loves the school and doesn't want to leave it. Crushed she asks Declan's mom if she can visit. Coyne reluctantly says she can visit all the time. Before, directing the play Declan hacks Holly J.

They like it and text Holly J. She is excited and even more so when she finds out Declan is responsible for this. But, this time with her boyfriend Declan. After, school is finally let out, Declan invites everyone over to his house for a pool party.

Spinner attends, and while Holly J. After, walking out Spinner goes insane and breaks up with Jane, tells Holly J. While, trying to cheer Jane up Holly J also needs to help Declan out too. Seeing Jane so glum, Holly J asks her to go to Manhattan with them for the summer.

The next day they're off and they go to Manhattan. When they get there Holly J is surprised on how big their Manhattan home is. After, they leave Fiona off at the house, because she's tired and doesn't want to move, and they go site seeing and shopping. Later, Declan and Holly J have reservations for a restaurant and Fiona seems to be a little jealous.

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After, she goes in to see that her boss, Kristin. She decides to make the most, of it and introduces herself to her, she gets a clever nickname, Initial because Kristin likes the J in Holly J.

She also is given a banana each day because Kristin loves potassium. A few moments later, Holly J. The next day, after finding out that Jane has become the lead singer of the hit band, Flashin' Midnight, Holly J is asked to do research and stay late at TVM. She does so and ends up not going to the opera with Declan. To only find out that he went with Fiona. The next, day at work, Holly J is talking to Fiona and then Fiona gets mad and tells her that this is her city and she owns this, and she put up with her at Degrassi for too long.

They get into a little tiff, and while walking in the hallway, Holly J tells Fiona to look away, and then she locks Fiona in the copy room. That day, while after interviewing Jane on the show, Holly J. But, then she sees her on the phone and next thing you know, Declan is there. Walking away, Fiona gives Holly J a mysterious glare.

Later on, Declan sits them both down and tells them that they need to make up because he wants to spend the whole summer with the both of them. They sort of make amends, and Fiona hugs Holly J. Fiona then suggests that they have a party so Holly J can meet some of their New York friends. So they do so, that night Holly J comes down the stairs in a stunning dress, and is ready to party.

But, Fiona then introduces her to Declan's past girlfriends, and they tell Holly J that Fiona likes Declan single, and that their relationship wont be much longer. Fiona is jealous again, so she pulls Declan away from Holly J. While, drunk she makes a scene and Holly J. Everyone is shocked, and Fiona faints, Holly J. The next day, Declan tells Fiona that there is something wrong with her and that she is so jealous to a point it's weird.

is holly and fiona dating games

She then breaks down telling Declan that he is so inconsiderate, but then he tells her that he can't have the summer with her being jealous of Holly J.

Fiona then tells Declan that she hates him. Declan apologizes to Holly J. Holly J says yes and their love is restored. Jane then finds them and tells them that Spinner is getting married to Emma, and that she wants to get there before it's too late, and that he's making a big mistake. While, stopping for gas, Declan and Holly J feel this is too crazy, so they stall.

While, playing baseball, Jane is frantic, so she takes the car and leaves Declan and Holly J. Emma is actually to see them and invites them to come to their wedding party. They party it up and go back to Manhattan. Sold amazon includes think might turn young girls offering their own reasons why women stop having sex with their wives and call themselves as number one way for single people.

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