Jersey shore mike and paula dating games

Mike and paula dating jersey shore

jersey shore mike and paula dating games

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's girlfriend, Lauren Pesce, isn't happy about her beau's The Situation's girlfriend was not a Jersey Shore fan! Pete Davidson Smiles With Machine Gun Kelly at Denver Basketball Game. Mike Sorrentino, 34, and his longtime girlfriend, Lauren Pesce, 32, stopped by So, does the Jersey Shore alum already have a ring ready?. As the cast of Jersey Shore gets ready to descend upon Miami, take a look at From - , Snooki, JWoww, Sammi, Mike, DJ Pauly D, Vinny, Ronnie, . Haqq and is now expecting a child with his new girlfriend, Jen Harley. . to Seaside Heights for season 3, viewers also saw the return of Paula.

It is destined to fail if this continues. Either way, he gets to have his cake and eat Paula two. The second part of the problem is Paula herself. Guidettes are programmed to believe that sex is natural and fun and that they should not be shamed for having as much of it as they can with as many different partners. Just like The Situation can not mitigate his behavior at the club, Paula can not change the way she interacts with men, which is by making herself sexually available in very overt and verbal ways.

At one point, The Situation even says that he would rather Paula just sit there and smile rather than say dirty things. All guidettes agree that, if their boyfriend said that to them, they would hit him in the face either with a fist or a clutch or some other nearby object. First we need to discuss Snooki stealing a stuffed animal from the claw machine on the boardwalk.

jersey shore mike and paula dating games

Oh, and Skee Ball, do not forget the ancient contest of Skee-Ball! These women love to carry these prizes around in a plushy hug and store them in their rooms for the entire summer, adding to the massive mountain of detritus that is their lives. Snooki even sleeps with one, the famous Crocodilly. What is the point? Instead, they go out to the boardwalk and impress with their skills at these games and provide trophies for their women, large, annoying, brightly colored trophies that they have to parade around all night in front of the other women and men, showing off their ultimate prowess.

That brings us to Snooki and her pilfering of the cheetah from an open vending machine.

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Like any woman who is about to be a first time mother she is nervous. Rhinestone encrusted sunglasses are not cheap! She acts this anxiety out by providing a stuffed animal for herself. By parading it in front of all Seaside Heights without a man in tow shows everyone that she does not need a man. She is single and independent and if her son wants a stuffed toy, well she will go out and freaking get one for him, the legality of it be damned.

Speaking of Snooki and her future, the strangest thing happened at Karma during this dispatch from our scientific experiment.

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Deena and JWOWW were out having themselves a great time when they encountered an older woman in a printed top and tight white pants with her hair piled on top of her head. She seemed to recognized Deena, even though she had no idea who this woman was. They started dancing and, while a bit rickety, this woman had the moves. Deena told her to do a Jersey Turnpike and not only did she get her ass in the air and hands on the ground, she then stood on her head and did dance moves that no one had ever seen before.

She was the best dancer in the whole club, and everyone stood around and clapped and screamed for her. When it was all over. This woman got up and hugged Deena. Are you with Chris right now? I had to come back one last time. Remember that weekend in Italy?

You know, that one where I got so drunk I charged the bushes like a bull? Well, I also know the thing that I put in your thing that weekend. Do you want me to say it out loud? I came from a year after they invented time travel. I have a lot of money in the future after I did a few terms in the Senate and I was one of the first people to buy a commercial flight back in time.

I just had to see it one more time. Soon after they invaded our living rooms, that and so many other catchphrases became common vocabulary for most Americans, no matter what coast you were on. Before the days of binge-watching Netflix, MTV had marathons — and Jersey Shore was the show you just could not turn off. The series was so popular, some cast members ended up with their own spin-offs and years after they were still doing reunion shows. Fans continued to clamor, and six years later, the network answered in the form of a reboot: Jersey Shore Family Vacation, premiering April The video, of course, was cut to not show the incident, but once the episode aired, everyone began tuning in to watch Jersey Shore.

Both girls ended up married to guys that fans had already met during their initial time at Seaside Heights. JWoww settled down with Roger and together they had two kids.

Mike and paula dating jersey shore

Starting back inhe announced his first major record deal and would continue to rise to the top after opening for Britney Spears on her Femme Fatale Tour. Pauly has gone on to work with some of the biggest names in music and now pulls in a multi-million dollar income. The roommate who was replaced by Deena was ousted during season 1 - just three episodes in, to be exact.

jersey shore mike and paula dating games