John stainton and terri irwin dating

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john stainton and terri irwin dating

Director/producer John Stainton directs Terri Irwin and Steve Irwin on the set of MGM's The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course - TERRI IRWIN has responded for the first time to persistent rumours about Family and close friends, including Irwin's manager John Stainton. Steve Irwin's close friend and manager opens up about their relationship as the 10th anniversary of the Crocodile Hunter's death nears.

I find myself at a remote property three hours from Brisbane, which is home to Bob Irwin, father of Steve.

Having sent a letter in advance, I waste no time in asking Bob if the rumours are true.

john stainton and terri irwin dating

He won't confirm or deny, saying he doesn't have the authority to talk. I speak to an Australia Zoo staff member and put the rumours to her. She says she cannot divulge details out of respect for Bob.

john stainton and terri irwin dating

I meet a long-standing zoo insider on the Sunshine Coast who reveals the rift between Bob and Terri has grown and Bob is also upset at losing contact with the man he considered as a second son, Steve's best friend, Wes Mannion.

I visit Gregson and Weight, the Caloundra-based funeral home that assisted with the ceremony.

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My calls go unanswered. I contact Sunshine Coast Regional Council cemeteries department and am told to submit questions to chief executive John Knaggs.

john stainton and terri irwin dating

I ask whether he is aware that someone within council - when it was Caloundra Council, before being amalgamated into Sunshine Coast Regional Council - has spoken to me about the funeral service involving a crocodile. Beyond that, these matters are private to the Irwin family. I meet with zoo communications manager Emma McCudden.

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She maintains the details of the service were ''private'' and denies a crocodile was involved. When I return to my computer, I discover a letter from a legal firm acting for Terri Irwin.

She clearly refutes ''that the body of the late Steve Irwin was given as food to crocodiles''.

john stainton and terri irwin dating

I rolled around laughing for three or four days and I've been paying him out every day since. No statement was forthcoming Support for Terri's approach A close ally of the Irwin family has defended the direction of Australia Zoo in the wake of Steve Irwin's death and expressed disbelief at reports Bob Irwin has been banned from the zoo.

john stainton and terri irwin dating

Caloundra councillor Anna Grosskreutz said rumours that Steve's dad had been ousted from the zoo had been circulating for weeks in the Beerwah community but she found them out of character with the Terri Irwin she knew. This has been his home. It was where Steve and Wes Mannion grew up as kids She said while years ago it was a big event when camels came to the zoo, "now you've got rock stars, pop stars" and Hollywood celebrities being regular visitors.

Steve Irwin's friend and manager John Stainton reflects on 10 years since Croc Hunter's death

It provides an entertainment venue we don't have. Ms Grosskreutz said while some had been critical of Terri for making the operation too commercial and "like a circus", she believed she had done what she needed to do to promote the zoo by travelling and giving interviews around the world.

It's a hungry animal to feed,'' she said of the cost of running the zoo and keeping hundreds of staff in a job. She is a good mother, a good community person and has the zoo's best interest at heart.

We love our little girl, we go home to each other at night, and we believe in what we are doing. Say my husband had a dangerous job and I wasn't with him; I don't know how you go, 'Oh honey, how was it with the police department today?

You got all your fingers and toes today?

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I'd have to become a police officer and work with him; I couldn't do it. The service was held at the "Crocoseum," a 5,seat open-air amphitheater, which Steve built at the zoo and which she chose over any larger facility. She also thanked well-wishers for their "overwhelming outpouring of love, support and prayers for [her] family". She remained with her son, Rob, during the proceedings, but daughter Bindi spoke about her love for her father, for which she received a standing ovation.

During the interview, she said "And I'll make Australia Zoo bigger.