Kawashima umika and chinen yuri dating

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kawashima umika and chinen yuri dating

Characters Yamada Ryosuke Shida Mirai Kawashima Umika Chinen Yuri. Total Word Count words. Jump to Comments. Night Mode a a a. JUMP Chinen Yuri YamaChine S/mileage Morning Musume Maki Kawashima Umika C-ute Berryz Koubou Tanaka Reina FYI, YamaKi JUMP answers four questions about summer dates in this short and cute interview. Title: My Fake Boyfriend part 1 Author: hazel Characters: Nakajima Yuto and Ohgo Suzuka Guests: Kawashima Umika, Chinen Yuri, Shida Mirai, Yamada.

He's a reject of nature. Absolute brat," Mirai said and shook her head, refusing to be convinced otherwise.

kawashima umika and chinen yuri dating

His parents were really nice, especially to people like us. But they did say he has family problems It's not as if they're celebrities and everyone wants to know every detail about their lives. This is the fact and this alone: Domyoji Ryosuke is nothing but a spoiled and useless brat.

The whole school respects Mr. They go by them and they say let us in and so they let us in. We have their approval and their stupid son can't do anything about it! Ryosuke looked down from his thrown, to Mirai. He had heard her, loud and clear. Once again his father found a way to humiliate him and it wasn't even noon. Ryosuke clicked his tongue before standing. The other three raising an eyebrow in curiosity, not that Ryosuke didn't have the odd habit of standing abruptly but it was two minutes early.

Departure time had finally arrived and the rich kids walked slowly and elegantly out of the school, having their butlers or maids carry what little things they had with them. Mirai didn't pay attention to them at this time though. All she cared about was getting out of here. Each piece of it costing more than they could ever afford.

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I just want to go home and-," "Hello," someone said suddenly stepping out from the corner to stop the group, cutting Mirai off. However, much to her irritation, she found she couldn't help but to look after him.

There was something about him that for just a small moment completely mesmerized her. Umika smirked and looped her arm with Mirai's as she dragged her towards the entrance of the school. Ryosuke watched the commoners walk out of the school as he stood there by the doors with his friends.

They seemed so careless and happy He wouldn't let them continue on living a life in this school which they didn't even deserve. They were merely filthy commoners.

What are you thinking about with such an evil smirk on your face? Before he could enter his car, Yuto grabbed his arm to stop him. You disappeared all of a sudden," Yuri said.

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Yuto remained silent and couldn't reply. His emotions were split in half; he didn't know what to do. He thought that Ryosuke's game should be stopped but he couldn't betray his friend who's already had enough of those. Yuto hesitantly shook his head. If there was someone who was abandoned more than enough in one life time it would have to be Domyoji Ryosuke.

Ryosuke gave Yuto one final look before entering his car. Exhaling rather sharply Yuto watched the car zoom away. Yuri and Daiki both looked at each other and then to Yuto.

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Yuto shook his head. Yuto looked out the window. There was something about all of this, Yuto thought that seemed vaguely familiar, like a story he had once heard from Ryosuke's mom when they were kids. Closing his eyes he tried not to think about the things he knew, about the things he regretted knowing. Looking back to Yuri and Daiki he smiled. He continued to look out the window and after a while, shut his eyes, trying to stop his thoughts from going back to that story One, because his house was gigantic and two, because no one bothered to hear him.

kawashima umika and chinen yuri dating

He passed by his father's study, the door half open which allowed him to hear his father's voice talking angrily at someone over the phone he held to the side of his face. His father glared at the phone and his eyes immediately fell on Ryosuke, standing outside on the hall, as if he could sense his presence. The house had many room, each room was so large that it seemed like each one was an apartment all its own.

He buttoned the first few buttons of his shirt before stopping at one particular door. He stared at it a moment, anger burning in his eyes as he stared at it.

His hand reached out, turning the knob he wondered if he really wanted to enter, yet some part of him wasn't just angry Opening the door his eyes he stared across the room, to the woman on the bed. He walked in slowly, each step feeling heavier than the next. The room felt like so huge to him, everything in that room felt distant, including the woman on the bed. The room was made especially for her; medical equipment filled the room, as well as some soft colors to give it a more personal touch Then hot spring in Kyushu.

Ibaraki should be first. Then Okinawa and Hawaii.

kawashima umika and chinen yuri dating

Who will marry first? What kind of dad will you be? When will you marry. Marriage, I want to get married! Me, about 25 years old. I also want to get married around that age but if I want to be a young dad, I should around A day where parents go to school to watch their kid during class]. I know what you mean! I wonder who will marry first in here. Oh, is that so. Girls sure do look their best in weddings.

I want to do both Japanese and western style! When you say a Japanese style then it must be a rest room laughs [? But I still want to see the wedding dress. I want to lift up the wedding veil of my bride.

Does Chinen Yuri have a girlfriend? ちねんゆりはかのじょいますか??

I want to see the bashful smile she makes when I lift up the veil. There are many outrageous hotels being built up right now and I want to do my wedding at places like that. I want to do it at a resort. Such as Karuizawa, I want it in the nature. I want some kids. I wanted to be a nursery school teacher. I want to go on a picnic with my children and my wife. Something like eating dinner together everyday or a fun Americanized family.