Maggie and shane west dating 2013 nfl

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maggie and shane west dating 2013 nfl

West was adamant that Owen and Nikita (Maggie Q) could never work I firmly believe that Owen and Nikita cannot be together," Shane West. The story is fairly simple, unpopular guy (Shane West) is in love with hottest girl in the school (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe). . The only part of WIT it takes I liked was the set, Maggie and Ryan's balconies. SnoopyStyle23 September . His only decent scenes were on the stage with his (real, at the time) girlfriend spouting off . Shane West (born Shannon Bruce Snaith[1]) is an American actor, punk rock West starred as Michael Bishop in The CW spy drama Nikita from to .. But popular jock Chris (James Franco) has his eye on Maggie, and he offers to help .. Belf West, NFL player Benjamin West, Anglo-American painter Billy West.

You kept Amanda alive!

Maggie and shane west dating nfl :

What was the decision behind this? Was it just because this is the worst torture you could devise for her?

maggie and shane west dating 2013 nfl

And also, a violent death for Amanda, I think, would have been satisfying in the moment, and then not so much afterwards. Amanda was never — even if she was physically capable — she wasn't a real physical threat that needed to be physically destroyed. It was much more interesting to beat her on her own terms, which was through deception and wit. He got to be part of Olex at last! Did that have anything to do with fans clamoring for that pairing?

That was something we had been eyeing as far back as Season 1.

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We always thought it would be interesting, and I wish we actually had more time to develop that because that story line suffered because of the short order. In particular, that story line would have been better with more episodes. I was happy because at least Alex Lyndsy Fonseca gets some happiness. She has the most dead ex-lovers on the series, right? This bunch has a lot of dead exes. Dating her or Nikita was a very dangerous prospect for any guy.

Beyond the open source anarchy, did you have anything else in mind for Birkhoff's Aaron Stanford future? Marriage to Sonya Lyndie Greenwood perhaps? Yeah, I think so. In fact, Sonya was going to be in the final episode, but Lyndie had gotten onto Sleepy Hollow. It became a schedule issue. It was not in our plan to not have her in the final.

Speaking of Birkhoff, thank you for the Lionel and Peller exchange. Was Judd Nelson who you always had in mind for the role?

If you had to say this is Birkhoff's dad, we had to find somebody that kind of made sense. We had seen Birkhoff getting birthed from this rebellious guy from the end of The Breakfast Club.

It sort of made sense. Just curious — did no one, not even Amanda, think to make a Nikita double? You've got to believe that we talked about that in the writers' room. We talked about that or making a Michael double.

There was not enough time. I'm sure we're going to have people say the doubles idea is cheesy in and of itself, but it really would have been if we had pushed a Nikita double thing. But we definitely came up with scenarios for it. We were going to kill Nikita, and everybody would go, "No!

That kind of thing.

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From Sharknado to a Bones wedding: The top TV moments of Can you explain the decision behind the episode titles, why they were paired? It started with the idea that at some point there was an air pattern discussed in which the season would be broken up into three two-parters. That was what the initial idea was, so in breaking the stories we approached it that way. That's why the titles match each other in twos. We thought it would be three separate nights.

maggie and shane west dating 2013 nfl

But on DVD and Netflix, each episode had to live independently as well. And then "Bubble" was a working title that we had because we had always talked about this scenario in which Nikita was put in a bubble in which she believes she had won.

Lee had his way, she would have lived out her entire life in that bubble and never known that the group was still operating. If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em. Of course, the bubble burst.

And then for "Canceled," there was some email chain where we were batting back and forth [on] episode titles. I kept saying, "It's going to be 'Canceled,' because it fit the Nikita lore — where agents get 'canceled. It's been a bubble show every season. We said, "It's got to be called that.

What didn't you get to? There are a bunch of people who were on the wishlist. We also had this wish to show how in-depth it was, the process by which they made these doubles. We didn't have enough time to really get into it as much as we really wanted to or as much as we had already worked out behind the scenes. There are some loose trheads out there that were abandoned — but I'm sure for some fans they won't mind they were abandoned — like Michael's son and blondie Cassandra Helena Mattsson.

But honestly, I would have liked to have brought that back and pay that off or at least addressed it. Alex's mom — these are things that we never forgot, but there's limited time. And they didn't work out as well as we wanted them to. I don't think there was ever anything we did on the show where we said, "OK, pretend that never happened.

Was having the plane this season something you've always wanted to do? No, that was something that occurred. That was a lot of fun.

maggie and shane west dating 2013 nfl

But I will tell you — we were really, really trying to destroy the plane because we knew that beginning with Nikita's lair and culminating with Division, even Falling Waters, the beach house — every single lair they've had has been destroyed. So we really wanted to crash the plane and have them parachute off of it, so we could have the perfect score of blowing up headquarters.

American photographer Sara Lewkowicz wants this to change. Ms Lewkowicz made headlines in when her photo essay Photographer as Witness: A Portrait of Domestic Violence, a stunning and shocking documentation of a violent fight between an Ohio couple, Shane, 31, and his girlfriend Maggie, 19, was published in Time magazine. Shane continued to scream in Maggie's face as Memphis wedged herself between them.

At some point, the toddler had stopped crying and began trying to soothe her weeping mother. Supplied When Maggie refused to go anywhere alone with him, Shane began grabbing her by the face and neck, choking her. Supplied As they had many times before, Shane and Maggie began to fight. He had previously pulled her hair and grabbed her neck, but that night was different.

He attacked Maggie, throwing her into chairs, pushing her up against a wall and choking her in front of her daughter. As the police arrived and Shane was arrested, she kept taking photos. He later pleaded guilty to a domestic violence charge and is currently in prison in Ohio. Supplied After a night out at a local bar, Maggie left after becoming jealous of another woman flirting with Shane. Upon arriving home, Shane flew into a rage, angry that Maggie had "abandoned him" at the bar, and he screamed that Maggie had betrayed him, at one point accusing his friend not pictured of trying to pursue her sexually.

Supplied Speaking to news. Despite this, the Time magazine article earned Ms Lewkowicz both praise and criticism. Some argued she started a brutally honest conversation about the reality of domestic violence.

Why did you just stand there? How did you even end up in that house in the first place? They struck up a conversation and Shane revealed that he struggled with drug addiction for most of his life and had been in and out of prison.