Myolie wu and bosco dating

Hongkong Star Myolie Wu Takes The Cutest Photos Of Her Son

myolie wu and bosco dating

TV News - Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu is in love, and it shows on her face. Wu has been dating Hong Kong businessman Philip Lee, 40, Hong Kong TVB actor Bosco Wong, which ended in , Wu did not attempt to. Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) shocked the world after announcing his split with longtime girlfriend of 8 years, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), in a radio interview. Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu has been single for over two years, but a high profile break-up with actor Bosco Wong in after dating for.

She spoke of how she took care of a year-old baby ape while filming a variety programme in China recently. I believe that I can do it. We only live once, of course I hope to have kids in the future.

myolie wu and bosco dating

Back then, she appeared serious and was guarded about her personal life. Wu put her more carefree demeanour down to the maturity that comes with growing older. I was always quite tense and didn't let go," she said, "Now that I've become more mature, I am learning to enjoy life more as well. I am spending more time with my family and friends these days.

myolie wu and bosco dating

She then plunges into depression, until her boyfriend played by Moses Chan helps her to get back on track. Does that count as dating???

myolie wu and bosco dating

Login or Register before you can reply to HeTieShou vivien replied: July 25, at 9: They should have taken some offscreen pics of Bosco and the big boobs woman. Login or Register before you can reply to vivien nemesis says: She said something like Sagittarius people like to play around.

Probably referring to Bosco. Login or Register before you can reply to nemesis Jackie replied: But I tried to ignore it…ahh she keeps hinting that he cheated: Login or Register before you can reply to Jackie Jackie replied: Login or Register before you can reply to Jackie vivien replied: July 26, at 4: At the same time, I was also too depressed to watch 3K and Tv funny.

myolie wu and bosco dating

I will skip GJ2 temporarily, seeing Myolie only reminds me of their break up. Login or Register before you can reply to nemesis Ric says: Login or Register before you can reply to Ric vivien says: TCW was like very concerned and caring abiut him! When the reporter relayed the message from Bosco to Myolie that he was willing to change and would wait for her, she started tearing up.

HK star Myolie Wu in love and looking radiant

Login or Register before you can reply to Cloud Flower says: My instinct says he probably have done something very disrespectful towards her.

Good for Myolie she deserves better. He loved to read books and was currently enrolled in a Translation program in university. In his spare time, he utilized the dictionary heavily to perfect his fluent English skills.

Wu was interested in continuous self-improvement.

Who is Myolie Wu dating? Myolie Wu boyfriend, husband

Since her father possessed a traditional Chinese personality and kept his feelings internalized, it was difficult to outwardly display their love for each other.

Initially in the interview, Myolie only spoke of her father. Upon prodding, Myolie revealed that her parents had divorced when she was 8 years old, in which the 3 Wu daughters lived with their father. After divorcing, perhaps Mr. If I violated this rule, it was as if I had committed a great sin! After growing up, I realized that there was no need for my parents to have ended their marriage on such a poor note. Divorce was not a big deal. There were no incidents where the entire family went out to have fun together.

Her elder sister got married and have 3 children. Perhaps she did not want her children to experience what she had in her own childhood. It was a painful experience and gave the child a lot of stress. As a result, I developed an extremely high alertness level in protecting myself well. Possessing this type of personality, it was even more painful to work in the entertainment industry.

Myolie did not carry any ounce of blame towards her father, instead possessing only gratitude upon realization that her father worked very hard to raise his daughters and send them to school in Ireland.

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Wu straddled a great deal of responsibility upon his shoulders, why would Myolie discredit his efforts? This is already very important! Did the girls have to worry about their mother and where she went? There was no need for me to cook, but I learned how to clean the laundry. Instead, I became very tough! Living abroad as a young teenager, Myolie did not know anything and was faced with prejudice.

I remember that I was very poor at the time. It took me 3 years before I was able to catch up in my English! While working, Myolie thought to herself why she was servicing other people and not the other way around?