Nathan gamble and cozi zuehlsdorff dating

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Dolphin Tale 2’s Cozi Zuehlsdorff

nathan gamble and cozi zuehlsdorff dating

Cozi Zuehlsdorff news, gossip, photos of Cozi Zuehlsdorff, biography, Cozi Zuehlsdorff boyfriend list Relationship relationship list. Cozi Zuehlsdorff dating history, , , list of Cozi Zuehlsdorff relationships. Nathan Gamble. Cozi Zuehlsdorff is the character Hazel in the up coming movie, Dolphin Tale ( premiering Sept. 23rd ). She is also starred in many commercials, including . Nathan Gamble plays aspiring marine biologist Sawyer Nelson in "Dolphin Tale 2. twenty minutes in: "Wait -- is this a lesbian dolphin dating movie? his precocious daughter Hazel (Cozi Zuehlsdorff), and aspiring marine.

The great work that they do there needs to be out in the media more.

nathan gamble and cozi zuehlsdorff dating

They rescue, rehabilitate then release marine animals. Where you there at the wrap party for the first movie when the trainers went out to rescue little Hope? I think we she and Nathan just left and went to sleep. What signals is he giving me? So, is your career all mapped out? Are you considering things other than acting? I want to leave my options open for the Lord to direct me wherever he wants me to go. Hazel, dad Clay and Dr. Your character Hazel is a wholesome, typical teen. How are your teen years going so far?

I told my mom I was always so frightened of becoming a teenager because I thought I would turn into The Hulk and have no control over myself, just turn into an evil person and not be able to control it.

Hazel has some conflict with her dad but she approaches him with respect. What is your most touching fan encounter so far? There are so many. One boy had a condition called Butterfly Skin, where your skin just comes off and you can do nothing about it. He was so excited to see Winter. It seems wrong to call that a fan encounter. I think those are the rules.

Yeah, and after six hours they have to feed us lunch. They have to feed me.

nathan gamble and cozi zuehlsdorff dating

What grade are you in? How was it working with Harry Connick, Jr.?

nathan gamble and cozi zuehlsdorff dating

Harry, what a guy. He was such a blast. The movie would not have been the same without him. He made the set so fun and comfortable. You know, you would think he would. And I know a lot of old jazz songs so I would kind of freak him out every once in a while by knowing those kind of things.

How do you know old jazz tunes? Well, my mom loves jazz and my dad loves jazz. And my mom and my dad were in a band together and they performed at the Ritz Carlton and a lot of places and weddings and things like that. And then she introduced me to Natalie Cole and things like that. So, I just got used to those kinds of songs. We love Latin music too. Harry said you were very musical. I would love to work with Harry musically in the future.

That would be so amazing because I play piano too. So, we got to do stuff like that. He would teach me a couple of chords and stuff like that.

Dolphin Tale 2 - "Brave Souls" Cozi Zuehlsdorff [HD]

I play piano every day. Is your dream then to be in a Broadway show, a musical? That is definitely one of my dreams. I feel so at home with musical theatre.

Cozi Zuehlsdorff & Nathan Gamble | Homeschooling Teen

Well, I love acting. Have you done anything yet together? No, I have not. How did you both get started in acting? Well, I did a lot of musical theatre. When I was seven I was cast as Annie in Annie and then I did a lot of shows, and about a year later we found a little acting school. In Orange County, [California]. And I just remember hating it when I was four—being so sweaty.

Our car had no air conditioning, our little Volvo. She sent me on five amazing auditions for Disney pilots and TV series and huge movies. And it was so much good practice. The sixth audition was Dolphin Tale and I got the part.

nathan gamble and cozi zuehlsdorff dating

You just take a deep breath, you assess everything. And Nathan how did you get started? Well, my mom and my dad used to run a drama camp at my church and I think I got a little of my talents there, but I was in this little agency in Bellevue, a few miles from Seattle, [Washington].

Why audition, because there were so many kids? What was it like working with the pelican? Were you comfortable being around animals prior to doing this movie, or does this experience make you more comfortable around them?

Well, I feel comfortable around animals. So, we had breakfast downstairs at the hotel and we left and I was so scared.

New Interview with Cozi and Nathan

What if all of this stuff? The water was 86 degrees. And Panama is just such a sweetheart. She was really neat to meet for the first time. But it would not be smart just to think that you can go in and pet a dolphin.

How about you, were you comfortable? I was so nervous. Not only did my audition depend on me having some kind of connection with Winter, I was meeting a dolphin for a first time.

But then I got so used to her that it was a blast to work with her.

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