People pleaser personality and dating

People-pleasers are a Danger to Relationships

people pleaser personality and dating

The problem with people pleasing: You're trying so hard to be good. So how come you feel so bad?. Here are six reasons dating (or marrying) a people pleaser is a recipe for But, the lies are plentiful and for you (the person loving them) the. There is not much thought given to what kind of person the other is and what . When dating, the pattern for many people-pleasers is to meet a.

They need to practice drawing their partners out. We all require more range, more balance, more wholeness to who we are.

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Over time however, the people-pleaser resents the partner and need to learn how to balance the equation for themselves. At the end of the day all relationships should help us grow and become more rounded and become better people. Relationships by their nature are messy.

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Long term relationships survive by each person learning how to cope with the messiness instead of avoiding it. Constantly fighting is not healthy any more than constantly going along with the other person is. Of course it was a struggle to overcome the confusion, the awkwardness and the messiness but they had the courage to face the truth and deal with it.

people pleaser personality and dating

For most all of us, any struggle we may have pales in comparison, we can only admire and learn from the courage shown on the screen. Pearl Buck put it this way: Life is dull without it. Are you lopsided with too much people-pleasing? Do you take up too little space in your relationships? If so, then spend the next week making more statements about what you want. Or are you lopsided with too much self-absorption to factor in anyone else in your decision making?

If so, spend the next week asking more questions and observe yourself when dealing with other people, stop yourself from taking up too much space and encourage them to fill the void. Or do you already have a healthy balance of both energies?

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This is Keeping it Real with Rhoda. I appreciate your taking the time to listen today and invite you to return for my next episode, The Danger of Living with Contempt. Like that one time we were in a very remote part of Northern California getting a final tank of gas before we headed in to the mountains to camp.

The next leg was the final stretch: Dad finished filling the tank up, got his receipt and started walking back to the car.

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My dad shook the hand of this new non-stranger and got into the car. He had a simple problem and I could help him with it, so I did.

Is Your People Pleasing Personality Killing Your Relationship?

People-pleasers are the kindest people. They work with everyone, make few demands, and are always willing to give an ear or a hand. Priorities and goals get lost in the effort. For the people-pleaser, these costs are hidden; it seems to them and I was one of them that the only sacrifices are theirs: Identifying that opposite action correctly is critical to shifting out of a people-pleasing mindset.

Maybe that work task is a one-time gig and it helps you build a relationship with someone in another department that you will work with as you advance in the corporate ranks. Maybe that mom with the sick kids has helped you out in the past and it feels right to you to return the favor.

people pleaser personality and dating

So how do we do this? Is it our spouse and kids? Following spiritual guidelines for nutrition or attending services?