Teen dating violence and personal stories

Teen dating violence: A survivor shares her story - CBS News

teen dating violence and personal stories

Stories from women who have experienced abusive relationshipsJane: My journey to hell and back began twelve years ago. I grew up in a household where violence was never an issue. Abuse in relationships was not a topic of conversation because it did not need to. It soon progressed to name-calling, insults, unfounded accusations, degradation, humiliation, and isolation. The first step in domestic violence.

We met when one day she reached out to me through an email, and I realized we went to the same school. She told me her story before we even met in person, while we were talking about our pasts.

teen dating violence and personal stories

And they keep wronging you and it only gets worse with time. Some people break free. I justified everything that happened, to everyone else.

Haile's Story, Teen Dating Violence

But it was like an emotional roller coaster. And I was always upset. There was this guy and we were talking about him my boyfriend at the time and I just kind of realized it. He was mad at me for not texting him because I lost signal.

Mad because I went in the first place. Mad because I wore my bikini to swim in front of them. I became tired of all this and I admit I was no angel throughout our relationship. I was petrified of him. I took beatings off my boyfriend at the age of 14, he would kick me on the floor, punch me in the face, he even broke my fingers.

Teen dating violence: A survivor shares her story

But yet I stuck up for him after each one thinking he would change, but he never did. After two and a half years of our relationship he started taking drugs then he threatened to kill me and that was it, I believed he would and decided to end it for good. It has now been 8 months since we have been finished but the ordeal still goes on At first I had prank phone calls, that escalated to him coming to my house with slit wrists and saying he had cancer, that then went to him beating up a new boyfriend which ended the new relationship.

From there I have had him scratching my siste'rs car, breaking into my garden, hiding in my street and giving my mom and myself verbal abuse on numerous occasions as well as the constant phone calls.

Becky - Teen Domestic Violence Story

I knew that if I continued on this path, I might never see the light through the darkness. I was broken and knew only I could fix myself. I broke up with him and moved out of the state a week later. I knew if I didn't leave I could fall back into the cycle.

Teen Dating Violence: Kim’s Story

I knew if I wanted any life at all, I had to choose me no matter what the cost. I had to get far away and start over. It took many years to repair the mental and emotional damage, but I'm here to say that it is possible. I am not bitter or resentful, I forgave him the day I left, but I knew I wanted more out of life. Although I had been stripped of all remnants of self-worth, I found an ounce of esteem that told me I deserved better.

Physical abuse is dangerous but psychological abuse is deeply-rooted. In those moments, I desperately needed somebody who understood.

teen dating violence and personal stories

Somebody who could guide me back to myself, my voice, and my truth. But I chose to keep my secret hidden, I chose to protect the people I loved, I chose to find my own way.

teen dating violence and personal stories

It took years to heal, but I did it. I found my voice and rebuilt my foundation on self-acceptance and self-love. I now live an extraordinary life full of purpose, with a grand vision to change the world. I have married the man of my dreams which would not have been possible if I hadn't worked to change my beliefs about myself. Today, my mission is to help survivors of domestic violence reclaim their power, forgive themselves, repair their brokenness, heal their soul, and discover their magic.

For all of those times he said I was ugly and worthless, I have made it my mission. For all of those times he called me a tramp and a whore, I have made it my mission. All of those times he felt strong because I looked weak, only made me stronger. And for all those times he tried to strip me of my spirit and I felt I had no value, I made it my mission.