Uee and kwang soo dating games

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uee and kwang soo dating games

Running Man' Lee Kwang Soo, went overboard with his ramblings I remember when IC set up Kwanghee and Uee there were I mean they were doing a blind dating setup for him so obviously it would be more focused on looks . . So it's fair game for Dahee to treat him the same way he treated her. 'Running Man' Uee Thinks Lee Kwang Soo Is Boring On the most recent Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Ji Hyo, played games with the In the beginning of the episode, Uee said to Lee Kwang Soo, "You look. uee and kwang soo dating - napisał w Redaktor ON: single parents dating rules SEE PROFILE HERE boyfriend girlfriend dating games.

In her car, Sa-yeong teaches her teammates about pedicures, joking that her toenails are so large that you could paint landscapes on them. Then she adds that make-up costs her a lot money too because she has a wide face.

uee and kwang soo dating games

At Itaewon, Jae-suk runs into a familiar face a pie-shop owner before receiving his mission. As a part of their training, the foolish idiots will be split up and need to complete both missions in order to continue.

We check in at one restaurant where the boys will have to squat five times with their princesses and then try to limbo.

Jae-suk steps in, to save face but can barely lift her up once. Kwang-soo face flushes a deeper red and Gary brings him back to Earth: Kwang-soo so nervous that he breaks it off first, both times and she asks the staff innocently: Did… his back just give out? Well, that explains it. Both Sa-yeon and Ji-hyo hop over to the other restaurant and Sa-yeon admits that just the thought of the Pepero game makes her heart flutter.

In order to make this game quick and painless, both Jong-kook and Sa-yeon go all in. The remaining piece is pretty short… and then Kwang-soo crushes it under his foot. Then comes the pinnacle of my Running Man experience: His reaction is the same as mine: Jong-kook and Sa-yeon pass the Pepero game easily with a remainder of 1 cm! The ex-Monday Couple give it another try and this time, they inch closer and closer together. And if I tell you that their lips touched, their lips touched, okay?! La la la la.

But that smile is about to fade when Kwang-soo lifts UEE and his expression tenses. Question of the hour. Kwang-soo grits through it and squats anyway.

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He tries to crawl under the bar, moving barely an inch per minute. This height is already an obstacle itself and I totally understand why he takes a break every few seconds. He fails just short of the end and then his legs buckle under him. The lifting part is no issue for the Kookminator but then he struggles through the limbo. Gary steps up to carry Ji-hyo and he whisks her off her feet with ease.

Everyone watches, their eyes riveted as he easily completes the mission and raises his arms in victory.

uee and kwang soo dating games

Everyone heads out to the final mission location: The Green and Orange teams face off for the first round. Kwang-soo tries to kick him when Jong-kook has his blindfold on but that tactic works against him and Jong-kook wrestles him to the ground, blindfold and all. He might still have muscles then… The round starts and this time, the ladies are more in sync with their partners.

The team rev up for the final round and Haha gives the ex-Monday Couple a pep talk: Aww, no loveline for you, Kwang-soo. Ji-hyo instructs Gary to step forward so that she can give Kwang-soo a little slap.

uee and kwang soo dating games

Then they crank up the match and the ladies face-off. Then Ji-hyo has the name tag in her hand just before she tumbles to the ground. UEE wins a pair of gold rings as her prize. Placing one on her finger, Mr. PD lets her choose who get to have the other. Jong-kook and Jae-suk go for another round along with Gary.

10 Best Female Guests in Running Man

He tends to gravitate towards very feminine, adorable girls with a lot of aegyo. The experienced rapper gets it on the second try, though, so he gets to eat. Aha, this also changes our correct guesser sbut that will change as the day progresses.

Read on to see if you agree with our choices! Kiddie Haha would call for Kim Jong Kook saying: Needless to say, Myung-soo ends up in the chair yet again.

Jae-suk wins his round with one strong bounce, and when Kwang-soo gets caught helping UEE out before her match, he gladly steps into the role of her gentlemanly boyfriend. He chooses to go with Jae-suk, which means Haha will be eating spicy jjajangmyun on his own.

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The way Jun-hyun slurps his noodles cracks me up, and the rest is really like watching a mukbang BJ short for broadcasting jockey otherwise known as the host in action. They would also do the Yoo-Lee cross. Here, our first game will be going up against the big bellied Jun-hyun and try not to get knocked out of the ring. First stop are jjajangmyun black bean noodles restaurants that offer various kinds of these noodles. Nov 23, by lee Out of all the Korean celebrities currently on television, there is perhaps none so well-loved by international fans as Lee Kwang Soo.

They even have an episode where they attempt to steal a treasure. At least two or three people pick similar ingredients, be it peas or chopsticks or black bean sauce apart from Jun-hyun yellow radish and Suk-jin noodles.

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