Dating a stingy boyfriends

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dating a stingy boyfriends

decided that my boyfriend is really stingy when it comes to money. paid for the majority of dates and I always contributed, but not this much. Come sun come rain, a stingy boyfriend will never get you a gift even if it's your birthday. ALSO READ: 6 types of men you should never date. Dating a stingy boyfriend could be a terrifying experience for several ladies, it usually creates resentment, frustration and dissatisfaction in the relationship.

He's so much concerned about his airtime that he will try as much as possible to summarize all he has to say. However, when the lady in question is making the conversation longer than expected, he will quickly find a way to end the call and promise to call back but that will be a few days later. He's Happy She Will Never Ask Him For Anything Virtually every guy wants a lady that will help economize his expenses and won't mount financial pressure on him; but some are happier that their girlfriends have never asked them for recharge card or other perishable parameters no matter how she needs it.

I Can't Buy A Fone For My Girl Some dudes are so stingy that when you buy your girlfriend a mobile phone or an electronic gadget, you are being likened to a maga. They will crucify calling you all sort of names. Personally, I see nothing wrong in it provided I have the money and can afford it.

dating a stingy boyfriends

This reminds me of my former hostel mate who switched off his mobile fone on his girlfriend's birthday; only what he did was send 'birthday sms' and later lied to her that his phone had a flat battery, if not he'd planned to give elaborated celebration. This is a bid to avoid spending or getting her birthday gifts. In my feelings, I see nothing wrong with it. One thing that baffles me is that, some dudes are so scrooge-like that they will call you a maga and will advise you to stop giving her a penny each time she comes.

I can't bear my well-off boyfriend being so mean with his money Independent. Having spoken to my mother and some close friends at length, I have decided that my boyfriend is really stingy when it comes to money.

dating a stingy boyfriends

We are both in our 20s, he is a couple of years older than me. He owns his own home with a small mortgage he also has a tenant who rents a room in this home and owns his own car. He has a really good job with benefits that I could only dream about.

Ladies, Are You Dating A Stingy Boyfriend? Here Is How To Get Money From Stingy Boyfriend

I live at home, pay rent, pay all of my own bills, buy my own food, have a loan for my car and am saving every penny I have for a mortgage deposit so I can finally get on the property ladder. I pay my own health care. We're together half a year now. We pay halves for all our meals out and buy our own cinema and concert tickets.

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I have suggested several times in a subtle way that we could treat each other from time to time but he prefers to just go halves. My job is decent and pays a good salary. However, he clearly has a lot more money than me and earns a lot more. He never treats me - even for my birthday dinner I paid my half of the meal. I dread when we ask for the bill in a restaurant as I feel embarrassed when other couples or the waiters look at us both pulling out our wallets and dividing the tab.

He didn't actually give me a gift on the day of my birthday, just a card, and he said that he had planned to get me a voucher but wasn't sure if I'd want that. He never surprises me with gifts or flowers. He bought me one bunch of flowers for Valentine's Day, that's it. I'm feeling really hard done by as I am a very kind and generous person - for someone who doesn't have a lot.

5 sure signs that you are dating a stingy man

I often take food that I've bought to his house to cook meals for us. We also take turns driving places. I'm not sure how to speak to him about this money issue without offending him or without sounding like a 'gold-digger' because I most certainly am not. I can pay my way and always do, but I'm getting tired of not being treated or given a little present here and there.

Even if it was a tiny gift, it's the thought that counts.