Dating trailer park girls

Would you date someone who lived in a trailer park?

dating trailer park girls

It sounds like a woman living in a trailer park might just be super frugal - an character I remember one of my friends going to pick one up for a date, and when he got A lot of hot girls, or at least doable, in the poverty class. And they seemed perfectly happy and content living in a trailer. And honestly, if a girl wouldn't date me because I lived in a trailer park I feel I dodged the gold. I see a confusion in definition here. " trailer park" is not what it seems to be. " full timers", " part timers" are folks who have cut the cord of living in.

Some of the other stories are told by people who actually dated trailer park girls or guys and figured out the hard why these people have such a reputation.

Meet Women From In A Trailer Park

That's not to say that all people who live in trailer parks are like this. There are many trailer parks which are filled with decent hardworking people, and it's just like any other normal neighborhood.

But you can't deny that there are many trailer parks which definitely fit the whole "trailer trash" stereotype, and its people are definitely a little stranger and more eccentric than your average person.

dating trailer park girls

Reddit is a wonderful place to come and tell your craziest trailer park stories, and this is a collection of the best ones They just so happen to live in less fortunate circumstances. While that may be the case in some cases, it certainly wasn't with this particular girl. One guy tells of how he dated her, and soon found out he had made a huge mistake. She lied and told him that she graduated medical school and was a doctor.

But that was only the beginning of the lies I found out that she'd never even graduated from school much less was a doctor. She had put her last boyfriend into bankruptcy by having him sign on a car for her and then she defaulted on it.

She had also been arrested a few times for various types of extortion and embezzlement. I got home from work that night and kicked her out. I got curious a few months ago and found her on facebook.

I changed my phone number and email and blocked him on every social site I was on For many girls who live in trailer parks, there really isn't much choice but to date trailer park guys.

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And again, some of them are actually really nice people. She actually had to block him on all her social media, which gives you a pretty clear idea of how this relationship went He went to my university for a semester and a half, then "transferred" out. He came back to my college town take me out on a date. Well, that date turned into him living in my house for 3 months.

He was rude to my family and would tell me how "manipulative" they were. He tried to stay in touch with me after we broke up, decided to move to NJ when I moved home after college to be "close to me", and at one point was living in homeless shelters in NYC so he could "surprise" me when I would go into the city. I changed my phone number and email and blocked him on every social site I was on.

She cheated and got caught, and I was done with her [ Walking in can feel like setting foot on another planet. And the girls are definitely different from the average female, at least in this case.

This guy tells a story of a trailer park girl she met. She seemed nice at first, but the more he got to know her, the more crazy she started to become But she was very loud, embarrassing at restaurants and around friends. She became abusive and try to fight all the time with fistsand had severe anger problems.

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She cheated and got caught, and I was done with her, I had given her enough chances to clean up her act. Her family was worse, just trashy rednecks. She basically looked like she didn't take baths regularly. We're kind of optimistic about pretty much everything, and we'll date anyone that gets us going, regardless of the possible consequences.

A great example of this happened to one Reddit user who dated a trailer park girl when he was But despite the weirdness of this situation, the relationship actually went really well, and was pretty cute if you can past the fact that she didn't really bathe I remember when I met her she was wearing sandals, shorts that were cut so short that you could see the boxers she was wearing underneath, ripped baby tee with spaghetti straps and the arms cut off, and her hair was extremely dusty, like she had been rolling around in dirt.

In Trailer Park Boys: The Movieit is mentioned that Sarah had a brief fling with Lucy. It is described that they had a sexual relationship, but no further detail is explained. In Season 3, she 'adopted' Cory and Trevorin an attempt to keep them from getting too heavily involved with Ricky and Julian.

However, in the movie "Trailer Park Boys: In the movie "Trailer Park Boys: Don't Legalize It" Sarah is dating J-Rocand he credits her for straightening him out and setting his priorities straight. However, Sarah and J-Roc are not known to have a relationship in Season 8 or 9.

dating trailer park girls

Criminal Activity Edit Sarah and Lucy, since the two are often a package deal prefers to stay on the fringes of any operations that interest her, but stays away from the large scale operations. For a time, she was using the hair salon that she ran with Lucy as a front for laundering money from Julian's operations.

dating trailer park girls

When she was part owner of Cory and Trevor's Convenientsthey were selling bootleg DVDs and loose cigarettes, both of which are illegal, but no action seemed to have been taken against them for these acts.

In season 7, she was part of the luggage stealing ring with J-Roc, Lucy, and Tyrone. Don't Legalize Itshe is living in a trailer with J-Roc, and Bubbles has been living under their porch for a few years.