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muddy boots dating website

An online dating choice: an encounter with a nice smart Times reader, Our columnist hears from a horny farmer on Muddy Matches, lies about And some with red trousers so there might even be some posh boys to boot!. Muddy Matches is a well-established rural online dating site offering countryside If you lead a muddy-boots lifestyle and want to meet new people, Muddy. The Internet dating site Muddy Matches launches a new app, destined to become 'Tinder for and “How muddy are your wellington boots?”.

Not for me… not the sort of fun and games I am after at all. Maybe there are dirty people on it?

Tinder for farmers? New app for those seeking a muddy match

It turns out it is for people who like the country or who live in the country. Well, I have just moved to the country so I qualify… The people on the site seem straightforward. Amid the odd horny-handed sons of the soil and pics of men and their tractors, there are some who look eminently suitable.

And some with red trousers so there might even be some posh boys to boot! I pays me money and look to takes me choice. The truth about online dating over 50 Goody, you can add people to your favourites so I save everyone who I think I might look at later.

All of a sudden I get a message from handsome Nobby in Norfolk, who notes that I have added him to my favourites. How does he know? I had no idea! I have clearly said hello to dozens of men who no doubt will be on to me in a heartbeat.

Muddy Matches Review – The UK’s Top Country Dating Site

Sites check pictures to keep it clean. Lots of furtive selfies. I try to gauge if they are handsome. Searching for potential matches could not be any easier.

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Just enter whether your partner should be male or female, their age, and region, and hit the search button. It really is that simple. Of course, you may want to be a little pickier, in which case there is also an advanced search option available. Here you can enter preferences like appearance, lifestyle, background and interests. But if you are a little too picky, you may find the results slightly disappointing.

So you can send messages to members that catch your eye, and also read their replies. There is also mobile support in the form of an app for the iPhone and iPad. If you are looking for a little inspiration, then reading the numerous success stories on the site will most definitely provide it.

Go to Muddy Matches The Traffic Test The last thing that you want to do, is to join a dating site, pay for a subscription, then discover that there are not enough members living in your area to satisfy your dating needs.

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Therefore I recommend testing the mud first before diving in. Simply use their search tool to look for members within ten, twenty or thirty miles of your postcode, or however far that you are happy to travel.

muddy boots dating website

Of course, you could find your soul mate at the other end of the country, but it does make meeting up a rather an expensive affair. This is not a dating site that has millions of members like match.

Within 20 miles of my location, and between the ages of 25 and 33, only 18 members are returned. But this will vary greatly depending on where you live. Driving is an unavoidable part of living in the country and something that people like Vittoria have to accept.

Driving to parties in the country became one of my best pulling techniques; everyone wants a lift home. Charlotte Martin has found that living where she does, with a rural-focused career, narrows down the field of potential suitors. When I was younger I didn't have so many imaginary boxes to be ticked; I just thought: I've got to find someone with a country mentality.

They don't have to be horsey but they've got to be like-minded. I can't see myself pushing a pram around Fulham. If I'm asked out on a date there's more pressure for it to work, but then I remind myself that I don't want to settle for Mr Second Best.

Often they don't have time to go to all the rural social events because of work. Hunt balls and racing are the only things that buck the trend, I suppose," he says. Tom Cooper, a land agent for Buccleuch Estates in Scotland, says that 95 per cent of the people he sees on a day-to-day basis are men. Her survey showed that 76 per cent of girls born into a farming background hoped to marry a farmer.

David, 46, a farmer from Cumbria, has a "laid-back" attitude and enjoys motoring, sport and wants to travel, while Mark, 50, from Gloucestershire, has an English Language and Literature degree, and enjoys fly fishing holidays on the River Usk, and reading history and poetry. I use the experience I have gained over the years to match people.

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I take into account age, height, build and occupation before sending out profiles," she says. The one thing I can't detect is whether there is any chemistry. They want to have children and live the same rural lifestyle that they did when they were younger.

It's often frustrating that they didn't come to me sooner as there are plenty of farmers around. But most country folk would rather be alone than live in a town, where dating is a different thing entirely. A good hat stops your hair getting blown around if you're outside, but on the whole you can go for a natural look," Vittoria Pannizon says.

muddy boots dating website

Archie Hardyment, 26, was surprised by the relaxed social scene he became part of when he moved to a cottage in Oxfordshire after leaving university. Even though he isn't particularly interested in horses, he has made friends at point-to-points and via the local polo club. There are fewer people around, but you get to know them better.