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This book contained broad interviews from most of the animation staff, including photos and a behind-the-scene look at the animation process and at the Devil Survivor 2 world. Written by Bamboo Dong, the editor called the series mindlessly fun; jokingly citing how the cell phones are always pointed directly at the demons as if they would be incapable of fighting if it were otherwise.

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Dong also likened the series as watching someone else play the video game. Dong also referred to the central premise as being pretty dark since it involved the main characters constantly receiving videos showing exactly how their friends would die. The editor gave the series props for not dabbling in the destruction porn taking place since all of the widespread death around Japan is implied, but added that showing some of it would have aided the realism of the story.

After reviewing twelve episodes Dong was not able to develop any interest in the characters. Dong explained that since there was basically no time to explore how the characters reacted to a disappearing world, it was essentially dehumanizing to such an extent that their deaths carried no emotional weight.

Silverman was quick to mention that she had not previously played the game to which the series was based on. With that being said, she described the first episode as not feeling like a game adaptation since you at no point have the sensation of watching someone else play. She also noted that the transformation from the everyday world to one of total chaos and destruction as both swift and impressive.

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Unlike fellow reviewer Bamboo Dong, Silverman felt that character deaths would hit viewers more personally since they get to know them as the story progress and are then suddenly torn down. Funimation began releasing the seasons on Blu-ray Disc on May 31, Both films have original storyline content that is not canonical to the manga.

The first, simply titled Yu Yu Hakusho was released in Japan on July 10, as part of a seasonal film festival. They also contain video montages from the anime, image songsvoice actor interviews, and satirical animated shorts focusing on the four protagonists. It adapts the "Two Shot" bonus chapter from the manga's seventh volume and the manga's penultimate chapter "All or Nothing".


When Funimation gained rights to the series, English language versions of each of these songs were produced and arranged by musician Carl Finch. The discs contain the show's instrumental tracks and some vocal themes. Music Battle, a series of three albums featuring vocal tracks sung by the Japanese voice actors as their corresponding characters. Collective Rare Trax, which contain covers of the theme songs performed by the series' voice actors, were both released on March 17, List of Yu Yu Hakusho video games A number of video games have been developed that tie to the Yu Yu Hakusho series, most of which have been produced for and released exclusively in Japan.

Prior to the launch of the franchise in North America, games were released on the Game BoySuper FamicomSega consoles, and various platforms.

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North America only saw three video game releases. Dark Tournamenta 3D fighting game for the PlayStation 2. The complaint centered around portions of the manga containing violence, mild profanity, a character wearing a swastikaand another character smoking a cigarette. About 18, copies of the publication out ofwere returned from the fairs as a result of the matter.

A Viz spokesperson defended the manga, clarifying that it is intended for older teens and that the alleged swastika is actually a Buddhist manji. Martin Ouellette of the Canadian Protoculture Addicts compared the progression of the series to Dragon Ball Z and stated, "Togashi's art, while simple, is extremely efficient and the story is really fun. He praised Lillian Olsen's English translation, but disliked Viz's use of overlaying English words to translate the expression of sound effects.

In later volumes Chavez was dismayed by the transition of the manga from the early detective cases to the Dark Tournament arc.