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hard from books only except CRACKIAS notes you will surely get good result if Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Moreover, the notes never reach at your delivery address on time, if u have ordered it online from distant places. Try for free the UPSC Prelims online mock exams by ClearIAS in the new . Hiii sir i am doing bsc.2nd yr and i want to crack ias exam at any cost it my passion. [Video] IAS Topper Rank 43 Harsh: How to crack IAS in first attempt at age 02 Dec Online Edge. Register . Current Affairs: Date Wise. <.

Civil Service Prelims 6 Month Strategy – How Can You Clear UPSC Prelims in 6 Months?

But subjects like History, Geography, Polity, Economics etc cannot be studied in a few hours, right? Almost all of these are graduation subjects, often done as three year course. That much time is not needed either. This is a whole different area. There are many who cleared IAS Prelims with less than that time frame.

How to crack IAS in first attempt?

If you are confident enough in paper 2 CSATprelims specific preparation can be done in last months itself. Who else is eligible to provide that positive affirmation than All India Rank 1. Things have changed a lot after that. But, his words still stand true. As you may know, only when tested in an exam atmosphere with negative marking, you can improve the ability to deliver in the actual exam hall. Of course, not everyone can clear prelims with 2 months of preparation.

Many will need much more time to learn and understand the UPSC pattern. Considering Prelims and Mains as a single package Prelims-cum-Mains-Integrated-Approacha 12 month advance preparation can be considered as ideal.

We said that as an ideal case; but not always necessary.

How Much Time Will It Take To Clear IAS Prelims? - Clear IAS

What is necessary is your alignment with UPSC requirements. UPSC Requirements For andthere were many candidates who successfully cleared prelims with only a few months effort.

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So with just 17 marks in Paper 1, they had cleared Prelims! But things are getting harder since You need to work harder. The mantra should be practice, practice and practice. Mains stage require vast reading. How to crack IAS in first attempt? All aspirants begin preparation with an aim to crack the tough exam in their first attempt itself. However, only a few thousands manage to crack the exam in one go.

Is it tough to crack IAS in the first attempt? Also, there were 4 candidates from the top 10 who made it in their very first attempt! As per newspaper reports every year roughly to students in the merit list are first attempt students. The number says it all, it is not tough to crack it in the first attempt. But to crack IAS exam in the first attempt, candidates must stay focused and committed towards their exam preparation. What should a good coach do? There are two things you need to clear UPSC exam: Knowledge Study materials and notes A good coach or a good coaching institute should be able to provide these two.

If you are not getting relevant and latest strategies and guidance from a coaching institute, even after spending thousands and lakhs of rupees there, then there is no meaning of attending coaching classes. At times, you might even know about students who fail to clear UPSC exam due to misguidance from coaching classes. The latest realization Of-course there are good coaching classes which care for the students and not their money.

How to Crack IAS Prelims in the First Attempt?

And not all are bad. Do Join if you find quality institutes. As what you need to get from a coaching class are just guidance and knowledgein the online age there are alternatives. We are not saying that everyone should start subscribing this website from today: Of-course you can, and we hope it will do more good than harm! Good online IAS coaching websites provide much free service than many of the coaching centers, which charge you lakhs of rupees for their misguidance!

If you are still confused, scroll below. When do you need Civil Service Exam coaching? You are running short of time got hardly 2 or 3 months before the examand need a crash course to go through all the important topics. If you have already attempted this exam with coaching — Since you already know the pattern, necessary books and syllabus, spending time again in the same classes will make you feel bored.