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From the s until today, as the number of full-time faculty jobs continued to shrink, the number of full-time administrative jobs began to explode. As faculty was deprofessionalized and casualized, reduced to teaching as migrant contract workers, administrative jobs now offered good, solid salaries, benefits, offices, prestige and power. Inadministrators now outnumber faculty on every campus across the country. Corporate culture hijacked the narrative — university was no longer attended for the development of your mind.

Anything not immediately and directly related to job preparation or hiring was denigrated and seen as worthless — philosophy, literature, art, history. Anna Victoria writes, on Corporate Culture: To cut costs, public universities have employed non-state employee service contractors and have streamlined their financial operations.

When corporate money floods the universities, corporate values replace academic values. As we said before, humanities get defunded and the business school gets tons of money. Serious issues of ethics begin to develop when corporate money begins to make donations and form partnerships with science departments — where that money buys influence regarding not only the kinds of research being done but the outcomes of that research.

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Corporations donate to departments, and get the use of university researchers in the bargain — AND the ability to deduct the money as donation while using the labor, controlling and owning the research. Suddenly, the university laboratory is not a place of objective research anymore. OR, universities labs will be corporate-controlled in cases of FDA-approval research. This is especially dangerous when pharmaceutical companies take control of university labs to test efficacy or safety and then push approval through the governmental agencies.

Papers were being presented and published that were blatantly false, by well-respected economists who were on the payroll of Goldman Sachs or Merrill Lynch. Academia once celebrated itself as an independent institution. Academia is a culture, one that offers a long-standing worldview which values on-going, rigorous intellectual, emotional, psychological, creative development of the individual citizen.

It respects and values the contributions of the scholar, the intellectual, to society. It treasures the promise of each student, and strives to offer the fullest possible support to the development of that promise.

It does this not only for the good of the scholar and the student, but for the social good. Like medicine, academia existed for the social good. Neither should be a purely for-profit endeavor. And yet, in both the case of the HMO and the EMO, we have been taken over by an alien for-profit culture, our sovereignty over our own profession, our own institutions, stripped from us.

Faculty is being squeezed from one end and our students are being squeezed from the other. Step Five — Destroy the Students While claiming to offer them hope of a better life, our corporatized universities are ruining the lives of our students.

This is accomplished through a two-prong tactic: Our students have been denied full-time available faculty, the ability to develop mentors and advisors, faculty-designed syllabi which changes each semester, a wide variety of courses and options.

receta banderillas yahoo dating

You make college so insanely unaffordable that only the wealthiest students from the wealthiest of families can afford to go to the school debt free. Younger people may not know that for much of the 20th Century many universities in the U. This is the most directly dangerous situation for our students: Another dangerous aspect of what is happening can be found in the shady partnership that has formed between the lending institutions and the Financial Aid Departments of universities.

This is an unholy alliance.

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I have had students in my classes who work for Financial Aid. So, tuition costs are out of control because of administrative, executive and coach salaries, and the loan numbers keep growing, risking a life of indebtedness for most of our students. Further, there is absolutely no incentive on the part of this corporatized university to care. The propaganda machine here has been powerful.

This is an intentional message that has been repeated year in and year out that aims to convince us all about the essential quality of a college education. So, there you have it. Within one generation, in five easy steps, not only have the scholars and intellectuals of the country been silenced and nearly wiped out, but the entire institution has been hijacked, and recreated as a machine through which future generations will ALL be impoverished, indebted and silenced.

Now, low wage migrant professors teach repetitive courses they did not design to students who travel through on a kind of conveyor belt, only to be spit out, indebted and desperate into a jobless economy. The only people immediately benefitting inside this system are the administrative class — whores to the corporatized colonizers, earning money in this system in order to oversee this travesty.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is this: The real winners, the only people truly benefitting from the big-picture meltdown of the American university are those people who, in the s, saw those vibrant college campuses as a threat to their established power.

They are the same people now working feverishly to dismantle other social structures, everything from Medicare and Social Security to the Post Office. Looking at this wreckage of American academia, we have to acknowledge: Never, ever, admit that the university is dead. Instead, continue to insist that the university is the ONLY way to gain a successful, middle class life. Say that the university is mandatory for happiness in adulthood. All the while, maintain this low-wage precariate class of edu-migrants, continually mis-educate and indebt in the students to ensure their docility, pimp the institution out to corporate interests.

This ruination has taken about a generation. Will we be able to undo this damage? Can we force refunding of our public educational system? On October 16,Karina and Floyd were the fourth couple eliminated from competition and came in 9th place.

They were eliminated in the fourth week. Her partner for Season 5 of the show was current five-division world champion boxer, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. They were the second couple eliminated in a double elimination on Week 2. After taking a one-season break, Smirnoff returned for season 21 and was paired with professional jockey, Victor Espinoza.

The couple was able to reach finals but came in third place losing to Zendaya and Kellie Pickler who took second and first place respectively. They were eliminated in the fourth round on March 31,along with Holly Madison and her partner Dmitry Chaplin. In Season 7she was partnered with chef Rocco DiSpirito and they were the fourth pair to be eliminated with a finish of 9th place for the second time.

They were eliminated in week 3, finishing in 11th place.

receta banderillas yahoo dating

They were eliminated on November 10,placing fifth. Smirnoff became injured when she was performing a flip with partner Jones during rehearsals for their week 9 Lindy hop.

How The American University was Killed, in Five Easy Steps | The Homeless Adjunct

A; this partnership thus far is her most successful one. They finished in second place, losing to the team of Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke. A; the partnership ended in December In the twelfth season of Dancing with the Starsshe was partnered with movie star Ralph Macchio.

They were eliminated in the semi-finals.